Concert Mistakes

Del(short for Delilah) lives in a small town called Brownsmills, which is in New Jersey With her aunt.her parents just dies about a week ago but When her and her friend Trinity make enough money to go and see their most favorite band, One Direction, Things get very confusing along the way of becoming the worlds best British/Irish boy bands bets friends.


3. Home, Work, and Friends

Del's pov.

I am walking on the street towards my job, only because I don't have a car....anymore. yeah my parents were using mine for the day after theirs broke down. Im on rout 306 on my way to the Quaker Bridge Mall. ~skip walk because I'm lazy ~I arrive at the mall but am bombarded with questions and flashing lights that can blind you. Seriously, I think I lost sight in my laft eye already "WHATS GOING ON!!!" I scream at them. I get questions like "Do you hang out with the boys!" or "What One Direction band mate are you dating!". little did I know, I walked in straight after 5 British dudes. A ll of the sudden, im escorted out of the crowed by a Blonde boy with big blue eyes........

Liams pov.

(before the mall)

"COME ON GUYS!!!!!THIS IS OUR ONLY DAY THIS WEEK TO GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I scream at the boys. "BUT I CANT FIND MY PHONE!" yells niall, and "ALMOST DONE WITH MY HAIR" from zany who is in the bathroom and also "AAAHAHAHAHAHA" from Louis's room. I walk upstairs to see louis on the floor, laughing at niall hanging from the cealing with a phone in his hand while being tied up. "what. Did. YOU. DO, LOUIS!"i said but it came out harsher than ment to "sorry lili but I didn't want to do it but....PPFFTHAHAHAHAHA! its just too funny! i had to "he says with a smirk and was laughing the whole time. "come on guyes! LEGO!" I screamed. With that Louis cut the ropes and niall fell face first to the ground. "OWWWW!" he screamed and came up rubbing his nose. "sorry mate" Louis says sweetly. and with that we were on our way there....

Ethan's pov.

Im at the mall working with Trinity and Chloe(the manager) when we see a whole bunch of blinding flashes" here is your change ma'me" I say to the lady I was serving. I ran out just to see Del being pulled out of the crowd by the one and only, One Direction.

Niall's pov.

My face still hurts from when Louis dropped me on it, all because of a prank. Grrrr ,im so mad at him now! When we walk into the mall, we all decide to go to Forever 21, just for the sake of Louis so he never turns 22 on the 24th this month. When we get there, we hear a huge commotion behind us and we turn around to just see a really pretty girl yelling at the pap's because she has no idea what's going on.I decide to be brave instead of just sitting around and decide to go save her.When I get out she still looks puzzled and asks "what just happened?"so I answer"i just saved you ma'me" in a super hero tone. she laughs and everyone looks at us questioningly."Noth..."I was cut off by screaming and we ran,leaving behind a very confused girl.

Del's pov.

As I was pulled out of the crowed, I was so confused I asked "what happened?"he answered in a really cute superman voice"I just saved you ma'me".i started to laugh and that's when I noticed all of One Direction.a split second after I saw them, there were the most high pitched screams I have every heard!They took off running and I just stood there trying to figure out what just happened....

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