Love happens

Alyssa and Caitlin are two best friends who live a normal teenage life in New York. Until one day they decide to go out for coffee. What happens when they bump into Niall Horan and end up with his phone? Will love happen? Read too find out.


1. Coffee time

Alyssa's P.O.V

Me and my best friend Caitlin live in the great state of New York in a nice size apartment. We use to live in Texas but came here to live our dreams of being designers. Today we were working on our new fashion line for our winter wear collections. We decided to take a break and go out to the near by Starbucks. We decided to walk there since it was only a couple blocks away.I would like a Carmel mocha frape I told the cashiere , and I would like frappichino Caitlin said. Once we got our orders we decided to take them to our  apartment instead of staying since we had a lot of work to do. When we were walking out I felt my I phone 5s buzz I looked to see who the text was from and it was from our boss. I had to be super carful to not drop my phone because i didn't have a case on it. Hey Caitlin Mrs. Lotus our boss just said our dead line is.. Ow! Are you okay this Irish boy asked me I looked up to see and guy around the same age of me with blonde hair who was really cute. Ya I'm fine.. Where's my phone I looked down to see two white I phone 5s I picked the one closes to me assuming it was mine and put it in my back pocket well I really have to go sorry the Irish boy said. Then he was off. I started walking back to my apartment thinking of that boy he looked really familiar. Where did you go? I sent you text asking about you? Caitlin said. Sorry I bumped into somebody and I didn't get a text. I pulled out my phone to see that Irish boy and curly haired boy on it. Oops I got the wrong phone !! Hey Caitlin do you know who this is I asked showing her the phone. She screamed that's Niall Horan and Harry styles from one direction!! That means Niall Horan has my phone...

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