The New Leeroy

Leeroy has always been picked on but not now,now he is a new man.Will freshman year be better? Lets hope so.


1. Prologue And Chapter 1 : Meeting the girls.

Leeroy was never popular.No one knew that he was Alex Payne's brother.What would be special about that? Well Alex was always the most popular plus everyone was terrified of him.But know one knew not because it would be embarrassing but because they went to two different schools their whole lives.Well not now.You see Alex held himself back two grades so he could watch after Lee but still be two grades higher than him.Leeroy always came home with a new bruise or something like that.Alex asked Leeroy about them he kept saying he fell or some stupid lie.Alex asked his teachers if he could say back because his brother was in danger.Since he was on their good sides they let him.He would relearn the same things over again but after school he would have a private teacher help him with what his class was learning.He didn't mind relearning everything.He always went to school before normal people so Leeroy thought he was going to workAlex waited for his brothers arrival.

                                                           ~Leeroys POV~

Oh my.It's my first day as a highschooler.I have always been picked on but I never ever wanted to tell my brother.Since he left for work before me I prepared for the new school.I didn't put my blonde wig on and I didn't shave.I went and got some of Alex's clothes.A leather jacket,some jeans,a muscle shirt,and some TOMS.Now I wouldn't usually wear this but it's high school.All summer I worked out without anyone knowing.I rented a private gym and told everyone I was going to the library.Lucky my old knitted sweater covered it.Thats one of the main reasons I got bullied.Now was my time.Now I'm Leeroy the jock,not Leeroy the nerdy guy.And I am proud.After I got dressed I looked in the mirror.I was shocked.I looked good.After that I grabbed my new car keys and walked out to my Lamborgini.As soon as I pulled up at the school people started staring.When I got out the cheerleading squad's mouths dropped open."Stop it ladies I think you're drooling." I said as I walked passed them.They shut their mouths before Amanda the head of the team ran up to me.

"Are you new here? You look like Alex Payne who just left I think."She said.

"I sorry but no I'm not new.It's me Leeroy from last year.And I look like him cause we are siblings." I said back.She stopped in totally shock and I just laughed.When I opened the door I saw something I didn't expect.My brother was standing there.He didn't seem so happy with me.

"What are you doing with my things on? Nevermind that did you really come out? I'm so happy for you."He said.He embraced me in a hug before leaving to talk to his teacher.Yeah I just found out that he was still going here to protect me.Well after he left Niall and our friends walked up to me.

"Leeroy? Is that you?"Louis asked.I nodded."Wow bro you clean up well.What happened to your wig?"He asked.They were my best friends.Their was Niall who loved food and laughing,Louis who was a total prankster,Harry who was a flirt and who had the looks,Zayn who loved mirrors or anything he could see himself in,and then me.I am the most mature but Lou is the oldest.He is the kidish one.Everyone called Louis the sass master from doncaster because man did he know how to sass.Then you had Zayn.The Bradford badboy.He was so dark and mysterious but he was actually really nice and cool.

"Lou this is high school I decided I didn't need it anymore plus I got bullied because of remember?"I said and he nodded."Hey any of you guys going to audition for the X-Factor?" I asked.They all smiled and nodded.See we planned this out but we said we would go as solo acts and hope we all got through.We had planned it since 3rd grade."Great.We should go together after our first day.This will be interesting."I said.They chuckled and nodded.

"Where are we going to meet though?"Niall asked.

"Lets meet at Liam's car because my car is in for repairs,Harry's is at home,Niall doesn't have one,and Louis' isn't as cool as Liam's."Zayn said.We nodded and Lou snapped his fingers.

"Oh no you didn't.You did not just call it a piece of junk to his.Boy you lucky we in schools."Lou said to Zayn.

"Haha ok Mrs.Bunch."He said.Mrs.Bunch was our teacher in 5th grade and she talked just like that.We all burst out laughing.We all Headed to the cafe.I was in front with Louis and Zayn behind to my left and Niall and Harry behind to the right.It was a perfect movie scene.When we walked in everyone turned to stare.Instead of people laughing and calling us names they looked at us in awe.We all did change.I went from jean shorts and a old sweater with no muscles to a muscle shirt and jeans with huge muscles.I now had a six pack.Niall went to being chubby with brown hair to fit with blonde hair.Louis had long hair with a striped shirt and matching skinny jeans to short hair with tee shirts and jeans well sometimes colorful skinnies.Zayn went from crazy spiked hair to a quiff but his style is still awesome.And Harry went from slicked back hair,a bad style like me,no tattoos and no muscles to huge muscles,an awesome style,curls,and 48 tattoos.Me and the boys sat at an empty table and drank our Starbucks my brother brought us.After about ten minutes the bell went off.We dropped off our Starbucks into the trash and went to our classes.I had math with Niall then science alone then SS with Louis then free period with Zayn then Harry and I had gym and we all had lunch <at my school we have different lunch times so yeah> and for last period I had English.Me and Niall walked into class and took our seats next to a girl and her friends.We had a table of six.Two people on each side and one on each end.Me and Niall both sat on the sides.The girls blushed and waved to us.Niall flashed his now perfect smile and I did the same.He had braces throughout the last year of middle school.I have always had perfect teeth.The girls giggle and Mr.Cummings started talking.

"Hello class.I am Mr.Cummings which you all know since you read the board.Now today we are going to play math games.Before anyone thinks 'really thats lame' I am a really fun teacher.I will promise that."He said.He was right his class was very fun.After that Niall met up with Zayn to go to Art while I walked to science.I loved science.When I was walking I heard a girl scream and I ran for the noise.When I found where it was I saw a girl getting punched and hit by the squad.Funny part was she was on the team.<Note the sarcasm>

"What are you doing?!"I screamed.The girls looked up at me.
"What ever you have no power here."Ashlin said.She always thought she was cool when she talked to me.I know three of the cheerleaders because they were at my old school.

"News flash I do I go here now." I said.I called Alex's friend and she came to help.She just got out of school so she could be here."Carmen take care of them while I'm in my next class."I said.She nodded and I bolted to my next class just as the bell rang.I sat down and in walked Jami.She was my only ex girlfriend.She sat at the table behind mine.In this class we are sat two to a table.Soon a pretty girl with blonde hair came in.

"Is this seat taken?"She asked me.I shook my head and smiled."Great I thought I would miss a spot to sit.Then again like no one is here yet so why would I."She giggled out.I nodded as she sat down."Your quiet.Why?"She asked.

"I'm wondering if this pretty girl is ok.She was getting beaten up by her own squad."I said.
"That was me."She squeaked out.I looked at her and noticed she had bruises starting to form.I gave her a sympathetic look and put my hand on her leg.

"Im sorry.You don't deserve it."I said.

"I don't think anyone does.Like last year there was this guy.Him and his friends got bullied.I tried to stop Amanda and Ashlin but they said he needed it.I didn't think he deserved it.He was really sweet and nice but he didn't fit in so he got bullied.His name was Leeroy."She said.I nodded and Mrs.Hermes started talking.I did my work and me and the girl got teamed up.I told her I was Leeroy and she said I had changed as most people did.Her name was Diana.We had most classes together.But next period wasn't one of those but we did have free period,lunch,Science,English,and math.She sat at my table but me and Niall didn't notice.Next I met Lou by my locker and we walked to SS.Me and Lou again were swarmed by girls.Mr.Grimes would talk and talk and talk but not about anything important.Louis walked to his next class while I met Zayn at his locker.

"Hello mate."He said.I waved and I saw Diana.

"Diana over here!"I yelled.When she saw me she walked over to us.

"Hey Lee." She said.I smiled and waved.When me,her,and Zayn were talking when 5 cheerleaders and a guy ran up to us."Hey girls."Diana said.

"Hey Di!"The girl with long blonde hair squealed hugging Diana.They all talked and I was about to ask Diana if she wanted to come with me and the boys to this party when I saw her and that guy kissing.It was a passionate kiss and you could tell.I saw one of the girls practicing dancing while talking to another.She had long brown hair and it was up in a ponytail.She didn't have a ton on make up of but she had some on.I walked up to them and asked them if the squad wanted to come to my party this weekend.Well all but Ashlyn,Amanda,and Ally.They said they would love to and they would get the rest of them to come of course.After that the one who was talking to the girl who was dancing left to talk to the rest of the group that was here.I stayed and talked to the pretty brown haired girl.I found out her name was Danielle Peazer,she loved to dance,and some other things.I told her I was Leeroy and most of the things about me.It turned out we both used to get bullied.We were so alike so I asked if her and this group wanted to hang out after school with me and my boys.She said she would love it and asked the rest.They all were coming except for Diana who was going to that guy Chris' house.It was going to be the ten of us.I told them to meet me by the green Lambo.Me and Danni kept talking.I told her to call me Liam.My first name was Liam.

                                                                   ~Zayn's POV~ 

I noticed a girl who was standing back singing to her ipod so I went and said hi.She had her back towards me so I tapped her shoulder and she jumped a little."Hello love."I said.She blushed before saying hi.

"I am Zen Malik and you are?"I asked.

"Perrie,Perrie Edwards."She replied with a smile.She had blonde hair and a fairly white skin.She was petite.She had her hair dip died pink.We talked about a lot of random things while the others did what ever they did.I thought she was beautiful.

"You know you are very pretty."I said out of the blue.She giggled and her cheeks went pink.We talked more and more every second getting better.It was great being able to talk to someone who had some of the same interests as me.I looked at her close as we spoke.She had blonde hair with pink dip died tips.Her smile was bright and cheery and she had dimples.Her skin was lighter then mine but not to light either.And another thing I noticed was that she had bracelets that matched her outfit.

                                                                ~Perrie's POV~

He was like an angel when he talked to me.His face glowed and it was obvious he worked out.But not only his apperence caught my eyes  his personality did too.He was nice and sweet not to mention quiet.I saw him when I was talking to Danni before that guy came up and he just hung back.It took me by surprise he talked to me really.He was a very handsome guy so I was shocked him and his friend talked to us but then I remembered I was a cheerleader.But he saw past that.Diana was kissing Chris and at first the other guy looked sad but now him and Danni were in deep conversation.He would laugh when she told him a joke.They looked happy together.They had invited us over after school but Chris made sure Diana couldn't come.Chris was her boyfriend but he was too protective.We never hung out with her because he wouldn't let us.It sucked.Well maybe these boys would be better for us.I heard there was five.Zayn,Niall,Harry,Liam,Louis,and then Leeroy but we just called him Liam which was his real name.Leeyroy was his middle but people thought it was better as Leeroy,I learned.They had a fascinating life but it was sad how they got bullied.Now no one wanted to bully them.I can't wait to hang out with Zayn.He seems like a sweetheart.

                                                                  ~Liam's POV~

When the bell rang I walked to gym and saw Harry.I walked over to him and we waited for Mr.Schafer to talk.After gym we went to our lockers and got our stuff before walking to my car.We saw three of the girls there so we waited for the guys.

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