Life is a blurr of pain and confusion. Staring up at these bars, She wonders if those will be the only things filling her vision. If this cage will remain her world. Vanessa is a fifteen year old child, waiting to be sold to her master. She is innocent to the world and is still young minded. This is the story of her survival and finding love.

This is my first movella!


7. Wonders

His P.O.V

I walk her down to my room, watching her closely. I open my door for her and she peeks her head in curiously.

I lean down and chuckle, "this is my room".

She nods and steps in, looking around. I watch her green eyes search the room for any unknown item.

I close the door softly and smile, "Nessie, go ahead and sit on the bed. I need to talk to you about some stuff".

She immediately runs to the bed and crawls on to it. I wait for her to sit on her bum, her legs swinging off the side.

I kneel in front of her and slowly take her shoes off, "Tomorrow there will be a doctor coming, do you know what a doctor is sweetie?".

She watches me and shakes her head, "No, sir".

I nod and set her shoes on the floor under her feet, "a doctor is a nice man that comes to see if you're okay."

I gently tickle her feet and she giggles, pulling them away. I laugh softly and stand, "now, let's get you in the bath".

I lift her off the bed and set her on the ground, watching her push her red, curly hair away from her face. I grab her hand and lead her to the bathroom.

I then lift her up and set her on the counter, "we will also have my tutor teach you. Do you know what that is?" Again she shakes her head.

I nod and go over to the white bath, turning the water on, "a tutor is a teacher. They teach you things like how to read and write and mathematics and sciences".

I stand when the water is ready and go over to her, "I'm sure you'll enjoy the reading and writing part. The rest is just boring" I groan the last part and she giggle at me.

Her little face lighting up as I gently pull her socks off. "Okay, Vanessa. I'm going to undress you know, are you okay with that?".

I stroke her cheek softly and she nods her head, "Yes, sir".

I nod and start lifting her shirt up, "hands up".

She lifts her hands up obediently and I pull her shirt off. Then I lift her off the counter and set her down. I gently pull her pants down and she steps out of them. I watch her face for any signs of discomfort but she just blushes. I then pull her underwear off and pick up her pants and fold them both. I take in her small body, every rib that stick out to her tiny chest. Then her little legs and feet, I need to give her a better life.

He head is down and I pet her head, leaning down and whispering in her ear, "you're beautiful, Vanessa".

She squirms and her face gets even redder. I then lead her tiny body over to the warm water.

She steps into it and sinks down into it and I kneel beside the tub, "you are a real wonder, Vanessa".

She looks at me and her head slowly cocks to the side, "Wonder, sir?".

I nod and smile at her, "you're wonderful".

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