Life is a blurr of pain and confusion. Staring up at these bars, She wonders if those will be the only things filling her vision. If this cage will remain her world. Vanessa is a fifteen year old child, waiting to be sold to her master. She is innocent to the world and is still young minded. This is the story of her survival and finding love.

This is my first movella!


9. Dreams

Nessie's P.O.V

He calms me down, I don't know how. I've never been able to calm myself down this fast and nobody has every been able to do it. He scoots back a bit and sets me between his legs. He leans over and grabs a brush, a beautiful silver one with flowers entwining around the back.

"Look foreword, Nessie," he whispers gently in my ear.

I turn my head foreword and he slide the brush through my hair. I wince every now and then, feeling the knots forced out of my hair. But he does it so gently, rubbing my arm. When he finishes he sets the brush down and lifts me out from in between his legs and sets me on the top of the bed. Then he grabs the plate of that weird stringy stuff and tray. He sets the tray in front of me then the food on top of it. I stare at the food for a while then look up at him.

He raises his eyebrows and I look back down, "wh-what is it, sir?" I whisper.

He sits down in front of me, unbuttoning his shirt "spaghetti, you'll like it."

I nod and pick up my fork, trying to stab the slimy strings.

He chuckles and gently takes the for from me, "watch," he twirls the fork in the middle of the plate and the spaghetti wraps around it. I smile and look up at him.

He chuckles and lifts the fork up, cupping his hand under it, "open," he whispers.

I open my mouth for him and he feeds me the food. I chew slowly and look up at him. He smiles at me and I can't help but smile back.

After he finishes feeding me, he slides the plate through the slot in the door. He then lifts me up and pulls the covers to the bed down. He lays me down and gently pulls the soft, plush blanket around me.

He moves a piece of hair out of my face then kisses my forehead, "See that room over there, I'll be right in there. If you need me just come right in, okay?"

I nod and look up at him, yawning softly, "yes, sir."

He nods and kisses my head one last time before walking into the room. I sigh softly, closing my eyes.

His P.O.V

I finish my last paper and sigh to myself. Being king will be harder than I thought.

I start situating my papers and putting them into my desk. That's when I hear the scream. It's a terrified, longing scream, begging for help. I jump up, knocking my chair over. I run into my room and see Vanessa thrashing around on the bed. She sobbing and her screams are getting louder. I go over to the bed and lift her up then sit down where she was laying.

I pull her close and start whispering in her ear, "shhhh, Nessie. You're okay, just wake up. It's okay, everything's fine. You're safe."

Her screaming fades to soft, squeaking sobs. I rock her and stroke her hair, watching her eyes flutter open. She looks up at me and whimpers softly.

I nod and kiss her nose, "everything's fine." I whisper.

Her breathing slows and she keeps looking up at me, gently touching my face with her small hand. I grab it and kiss it softly as she watches my hand, "bigger."

I chuckle softly and nod, "mines bigger, wanna know why?"

She nods eagerly, squirming in my arms. I slowly lay down, still holding her, "it's because I'm older. You wanna know how old I am?" I ask her softly.

She nods and plays with my hand. "I'm eighteen," I whisper and kiss her head, "how old are you, baby girl."

Her cheeks turn red, "I'm fifteen, sir."

I nod and wrap my arms around her tiny figure, kissing her face all over. She laughs and squirms, "Massy."

I stop and so does she, looking up at me, "I'm sorry."

I shake my head, "I like that a lot better than master or sir."

She nods and squirms again, "what's your name? You know mine."

I smile, "that's right, I do know yours. My name is Alexander, but people call me Alex. You can only call me Alex when we're alone, understand?"

She nods and I pull her closer as she starts to drift off. I sigh, even her dreams aren't safe.

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