Best Christmas Gift Ever!!!

About this girl who meets Louis Tomlinson


6. Wait What!?!?

Emma's POV

After my talk with Liam I felt a lot better.  All the boys thought it would be fun if we played Truth or Dare. The Thing is I'm the only girl playing with 5 boys. This should  be fun.

Liam: I will go first and whoever I choose will go next and so on.

Everybody agrees to Liam's rules.

Liam: Harry, Truth or Dare?

Harry: Truth.

Liam: okay,  when did you have your first kiss?

Harry: I had my first kiss when I was 7.

Liam: Okay, harry it is your turn.

Harry: Louis, Truth or Dare?

Louis: Truth!

Harry: okay, Who Do You like?

Louis: Umm, I like Emma.

Emma: *Thinking*  awe Louis likes me.... WAIT WHAT???? 

*hey guys another short chapter I would of made it longer but I am going to see my aunt and uncle. I promise the next chapter will be longer.. lot s of love ~Caitlyn*

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