Best Christmas Gift Ever!!!

About this girl who meets Louis Tomlinson


3. Meeting One Direction

Emma's POV

Yesterday I met Geoff's Family except Liam, I hope he is nice, my mum told me that we went to school together but he went to the XFactor.

Mum: Emma darling please come down stairs I got a surprise for you!

Emma: Emma Darling?? Coming!

I walk down stairs and I see my mum and Geoff.

Emma: Hey Guys what is my surprise?

Mum: go in the kitchen.

Emma: um okay?

I walk in the kitchen to see five boys eating. wait. isn't that? Omg.. no it cant be! One Direction is in my kitchen.

Emma: MUM! why is one direction in our kitchen?

mum: Well Liam is in One Direction.

Liam: hi, im liam.

Emma: I know who you are, I don't like you! *Pissed off*

Mum: Emma be nice!

Emma: no mum I will not be nice. *pissed!*

Mum: go to your room.

Emma: fine *runs upstairs crying* I HATE YOU!

~hey guys short chapter today I hope you enjoyed this chapter. love you all~


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