Best Christmas Gift Ever!!!

About this girl who meets Louis Tomlinson


1. Hi

hey guys i just thought of this book, and i thought i give it a try.



Emma's pov

hi my name is Emma, i am 15, i'm currently in 9th grade and so  far i don't like it, i don't like it because of science class. one little class! my mom met this guy named Geoff Payne. he has three children named Liam, Ruth, and Nicola. i love the band One Direction, i mean who wouldnt love one direction?!?!?! anyway im meeting his family tomorrow.

*at School*

Jessica(My sister): Hey Emma!

Me(Emma): hey Jessica. whats up?

Jessica: Nothing much.

Me: Cool.

Jess: how was your thanksgiving Break?

Me: Wonderful! my mum met this guy named Geoff Payne.

Jess: cool, but isnt liam's dads named Geoff? 

Me: yes, but it doesnt mean there related.

Jess: True, but you never know!!

Me: Yeah i guess i'll find out tomorrow, im meeting his family.

Jess: cool. 

me: yup.

the first period bell rang and i had chorus, we are practicing Christmas Songs. of course for our winter concert.

Mrs.Henderson: oh, you better watch out you better not cry you better not pout im telling you why santa claus is coming to town! Altos you have to sing it like i was. the sopranos, you were alittle pitchy tenor bass, you were perfect.

Me: hey kaylee why does she always lik tenors and the basses?

Kaylee: i dont know but it kinda pisses me off, but what am i going to do? im not the teacher!


that was the bell, great second period is ELA. woohoo!

Mrs Perkins: okay we are going to continue on our essays today so have them ready to work on!

Me: i dont want to do this i hate essays!

kailynn: i love essays!

Chase: Emma, Casey and Cody are making fun of me.

Me: Chase if i were you which i am not i would tell the principle

Kailynn: wait whats going on?

Me: Chase is going to go to the principals office, next period.

Casey: Cody, Chase is going to tell the principle!!

Cody: i dont care let him tell we will just lie!


after Fourth period it was lunch! the school lunches are horrible but i got nothing else to eat!


Me: Mum i'm home!

Mum: in the kitchen!

i walk to the kitchen and there was Geoff and my mum. 

Me: hey mum, hey Geoff.

Both: hey!

Mum: i made you dinnner me and geoff are going out to dinner. when youre done do whatever but do not leave the house!

Me: okay mum i wont leave the house

after they left i started to eat my dinner, after i was done i cleaned the dishes, then i went upstairs took a shower and then went to bed. 

*Hey guys i hoped you enjoyed this chapter! love you all! -Caitlyn*

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