Best Christmas Gift Ever!!!

About this girl who meets Louis Tomlinson


4. A Talk With Mum.

Emma's POV

I am so pissed off because Liam used to be my best friend and he went to audition for the XFactor. He promise he would call, text, Skype, to keep in touch! he broke our promise! I tried to do all those things but nothing changed! Plus he forgot about me! that what pisses me off, but at the same time im depressed.

*No Ones POV*

Mum: Em, can I please come in?

Emma: Go Away! *Crying*

Mum: can you at least tell me what happened?

Emma: Why do you care mum? *Crying*

Mum: because I care about you and that youre my Daughter.

Emma opens the door and hugs her mum.

Emma: Mum, I don't hate you, I was just so mad at Liam.

Mum: I knew that you didn't hate me, but how do you know liam?

Emma Tells her mum her story.

Mum: oh baby im sorry, just tell him what's going on and how you feel.

Emma okay mum I will. thank you !

Mum: your welcome baby.

*Hi Guys Sorry I didn't update sooner the website was down and I just checked it now to see that its up I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I love you all! oh, and I might not be able to update tomorrow im visiting my Aunt and Uncle! They came in to town for Christmas, and I haven't seen them in forever! lots of love! ~Caitlyn*

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