Dear Darcy

I know I was An Accident . My Mom Had me at a young age. I really miss her. I don't know where she went though. When I was Little my Mom Sent me away with only a backpack And A book. I always Saw her writing in it i guess it was a diary or something. My Mom and Dad never really talked ...or thats at least what i think I know my dad is Harry Styles my mom doesn't know that i know about him though. My Mom Told Me that when i turned 16 i could read it and it would explain everything. And i Get to read it today i guess ...cause i just turned 16.


7. 7<3

Darcy's POV-

"DARCY !" "DARCY " WAKE UP DARCE" i hear in my ear as i slowly open up my eyes 

When my eyes finally are open i see Sky there with a scared and shocked look on her face, What is there something on my face i ask ? She slowly Shakes her head as she points behind her. There I see Harry/Dad there smiling My eyes widen And I feel like im going to faint. 

"Hello Love" Harry Says smiling at me 

I smile Back Hey I didn't expect you to be here... I said 

Sky nods "Yeah Harry why are you here imma just curious ?..." 

"Well i was wondering if i could talk to Darcy?" He asks 

Sky walks out of the room as Harry Comes and Sits on the bed with me So What did you need to talk about ? I ask 

" Well Um Darcy I like You.." He says 

I just froze for a minute... My dad he cant like me And i Can't like my dad I have to tell him... Harry You cant like me i say and Look down. 

"B-But Why ?" He replies in a sad tone 

Cause I'm Your daughter.... I look up and he is all confused, 16 Years ago you had me With a girl named Diana....Remember? 

 "this cant be right i thought you lived with Victoria?" he says Standing Up 

I stand up too, Yes because when I was 6 mom Left me Here to be raised Because you weren't around! 

"Wait Were is your Mom ?" He asks Scared 

i don't Know Like i said she dumped me Here Cause She was alone... 

"How do you know all this stuff Darce?" 

I thought for a minute for what to say but the only people who knew about my mothers book was me, Sky And Victoria. I didn't know if i trusted Harry Yet.

"EARTH TO DARCY " Harry nearly screams 

I look at him She wrote a journal... Explaining everything that happened And when she Left i was Here With a Backpack and this Journal And she Said When I was 16 i could read it and it would help, By far everything i read she hates you Dad....

I can't believe i just  did everything my mom never wanted me to do......


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