Dear Darcy

I know I was An Accident . My Mom Had me at a young age. I really miss her. I don't know where she went though. When I was Little my Mom Sent me away with only a backpack And A book. I always Saw her writing in it i guess it was a diary or something. My Mom and Dad never really talked ...or thats at least what i think I know my dad is Harry Styles my mom doesn't know that i know about him though. My Mom Told Me that when i turned 16 i could read it and it would explain everything. And i Get to read it today i guess ...cause i just turned 16.


5. 5<3

Darcy's POV-
After awhile I fell asleep and when i woke up i realized i got a text from One of the boys it reads 

Hey this is Harry  From One direction Is this Darcy ? ~harry  

i thought i was going to die i mean my dad texting me and all i mean what should i say what should i do okay i need to calm down okay. I then decided to text back this 

Hey Harry! and Yeah this is Darcy. ~Darcy 

Okay ! I think i played that cool ... did i ? My phone when off again and i read it 

So Me and the boys were wondering if you wanted to hang with us later today ? Sky can come too if she wants. ~Harry 

Sounds fun one minute i'll ask ~Darcy 

I then Yelled for Sky.... "SKY!!!!" She comes in "Yeah ?" Wanna Hang out with the boys today ? 

"I would but see i'm very tired and so yeah " she then jumps on her bed and just lays their I laugh and roll my eyes 

"You Know mum Wouldn't be happy knowing your doing this.." She adds 

I stop Doing what..I'm not doing anything Thats A crime So she shouldn't be angry with me... 

"look Darce I know your trying To get to know your Dad But maybe you should just keep reading the Journal Your Mum Gave you. " 

i sighed and Shook my head and text Harry Back 

Sorry she's Too Busy Being Lazy And sorry i can't come tonight either I need To read Something...~Darcy 

Aww That Sucks is it for school ? Maybe tomorrow ? ~Harry 

Yeah. And we'll see about tomorrow ! ~Darcy 

Okay! well go get that Thing read What is it anyway ? ~harry 

A journal.. ~Darcy 

Okay Bye Darcy !! ~Harry 

Bye Harry! ~Darcy 

i sigh and Get up and Get the Journal Sky sits up and claps I sigh and roll my eyes Okay Uhm ...


Dear Darcy,

Hi sweets so today We were Playing Dress up and Of course I dressed you up in the sweeties thing! You were In a light pink sparkly Dress And i put these cute little Booties on your feet and Put your hair Up in these Tiny little Piggy tales You were so precious and cute!!! i wish i could watch see you grow up and get even cuter! Just a few more years left but i better make the most out of it huh. Okay well thats all ! 

Love you Darcy !! 

~Mommy <3


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