Dear Darcy

I know I was An Accident . My Mom Had me at a young age. I really miss her. I don't know where she went though. When I was Little my Mom Sent me away with only a backpack And A book. I always Saw her writing in it i guess it was a diary or something. My Mom and Dad never really talked ...or thats at least what i think I know my dad is Harry Styles my mom doesn't know that i know about him though. My Mom Told Me that when i turned 16 i could read it and it would explain everything. And i Get to read it today i guess ...cause i just turned 16.


14. 14<3

A/N: Hey Guys its been awhile! im sorry i haven't updated in ages! Lots Of stuff has been going on in my home! But im going to try to keep updating as much as i can! Enjoy the chapter! 

Darcy's POV-

I remember...

Me,My Mum And Zayn I was 4 They played dress up with me ALL day And then we went to the amusement together...I always thought mum and Zayn Loved eachother. Every time they looked at eachother they just lit up. I mean as a 4 year old i knew ALOT and Had A HUGE Mind. Zayn Always  Use to come over to our house and play with me then sometimes when they put me down for naps i could hear my mum crying. I always wondered...

Then When I was Around 5 I heard My mother talking to a man with a irish accent though at the time i didn't know that. My mum talked and talked about how it was so unfair and that they shouldn't have the right to do that? I never understood that and still don't.


We were in the hospital waiting for mum she passed out cold when she saw Harry

I was sitting in a chair tapping my foot on the floor when a doctor comes out

"Is there A Darcy Styles Here?" He Asks 

I stand up, Yes Doctor That would be me I say nervously 

"Okay well Darcy your mother is doing fine,You see Your mum was just getting over a severe head injury And the stress and heat must have made her pass out again." He explains 

She had a Head injury? I ask Confused 

"Yes Ma'am, He says I've said too much, You can see your mum soon Darcy." He finishes walking off 

I sit down and grab the journal and open to a page, Its not a diary entry but its more like doodles...that mean things 


I Can't take it anymore 

I want to leave 

Just Me and My Baby

Go Away He Needs to go away 

Too Much 

Leave me alone 

I give up 

Its All Way Too Much 

Just Me and Darcy...



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