Liams baby sister

What happen when ur in love but it never lasts when you've got a famous brother and boyfriend


5. hospital

Nails pov

Why do I alway mess things up like this




It was my phone

Hello mr horan

Yes hello

Yeah hi I have some bad news


Your girlfriend maddy Payne has been in a car accident

What where is she

She is in the hospital

Ok I'm coming

I get to the hospital and ran to the front counter and ask

What room maddy Payne is in

Room number 23 on the right sir


When I find the room I see all the boy and then Liam stands up walks over to me and the punches me right in the eye and us yelling at me say what I did to her and every thing

Louis gets up and grabs Liam of me and hugs him

I stand up and say

N . I cheated in her

L . You did what ??

N. You heard me and it was a stupid mistake

L. Dam right it was

He punches me again but this time all the boys get up because they know that he was pissed off sad and angry at me for doing this to her

N . Look it was stupid and when she found I realized I was stupid and she got in her car and took off I'm sorry Liam I didn't mean to hurt her I love her

L . If u love her u wouldn't have done this he said will crying

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