Liams baby sister

What happen when ur in love but it never lasts when you've got a famous brother and boyfriend


7. going home

* two weeks later *

Mandy's pov

Finally I get to go home

From the gay ass hospital lucky for me my brother is taking me home

******skip car ride *******

When I get home I walked in the door and was hug to death by Louis

L hey hru? Are u feeling ok ?

M yes Lou I'm fine thank you

L good

M hey zayn , where's everyone

Z by everyone u mean Niall right

M maybe

Z mmmmm

M so ...

Z I can't tell u sorry

M why?

L it's better if u didn't know

M tell me NOW !!

L Z up stairs

I laugh at the way they say it together

I walk up stairs and hear a bed being moved I walk to nialls door and knock knock

I hear foot steps from the other side of the room Niall opens the door in just a sheet then it hits he was have sex with some girl so walk past him and in the room and see this slag in the bed all of the sudden I burst in to tears and run out of the room .

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