Cat History

their are three cats and for sale.


3. The Nightmare

One night misty was having a nightmare about cats getting extinct. Misty squirmed and wiggled and made weird noises. The people were taking cats from the pet store and killing them. Then in her dream she got taken and killed. And after that she meowed as loud as she could. Then Mia and Holly woke up by her loud meow. ''What happened'' said Holly. ''I must have been dreaming'' said Misty. ''About what'' said Mia. ''About cats becoming extinct and people taking cats and killing them and I got taken and killed'' said Misty. And then the owner came in and let Misty sleep with her. Then in the morning all Misty could think about was the dream. ''What if that happened'' thought Misty. All Misty did that day was curl up in a corner and think about the dream. Finally Holly and Mia asked what was wrong. ''Well I cant seem to stop thinking about my dream''. ''What if it happened'' said Misty. ''Don't worry about it''. ''It wont'' said Holly. ''Yeah your right'' said Misty. So the rest of the day misty was fine. All she thought about was good life she had.

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