Cat History

their are three cats and for sale.


10. Poor Holly

''What do you think we should do'' said Mia. ''I dont know'' said Misty. ''Well lets go talk to Holly about it'' said Misty. So they went to talk to Holly. ''So how bad do you miss them'' said Misty. ''Well pretty bad''. ''Well we will help'' said Mia. ''How''. Well we could I don't know'' said Mia. ''im so sorry'' said Misty. So then Misty and Mia walked back and huttled up close. ''I feel so bad'' said Misty with tears in her eyes. ''Yeah me to'' said Mia to Misty. So they went to talk to Holly. ''Holly think of it there in a better home because we don't have the time to take care of another cat in the house we are just to busy to take care of another cat'' said Mia. ''Yeah besides if we didn't take care of the kittens they would start feeling left out and then claw every cat and person they see'' said Misty. ''Yeah guess your right'' said Holly. so after that Holly was fine.

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