Little Things

Courtney is the organized kind of girl that turns down going to parties and even having the least amount of fun. And Victoria is her friend and she is the kind of girl that likes to have fun and party all the time. And when they get a new student at their school named Louis, Courtney might change her mind about partying when she falls head over heels for him.


2. What Is Wrong With You?

Little Things:

Chapter 2: What Is Wrong With You?

[Victoria's POV:]


Oh my gosh!!! We just finished watching all of the Twilight movies, and right when they were over, I had realized that Courtney was reading the whole time. I didn't even notice that she wasn't watching the movies, because every time I looked at her during the movies her book was laying in her lap open and upside down. So that is how she was reading the entire time, she put the book down every time I looked at her during the movies.


Then she stands up and yawns and says, "I'm so tired right now! I am going upstairs and going to bed. Goodnight, Vikki!"


I then saw that she had left her book on the floor and I picked it up and said, "Hey, Court! You forgot your book!!!"


Then she said, "Oh yeah, thank you for letting me know." Then my anger started to show, as I threw that stupid book across the room at the wall. When it hit the wall it started to fall apart, and pages started falling out and the book was ripped a lot.


The next thing that I knew, Courtney was angry. This is the first time that I had ever seen her this angry before, like ever.


And then she said, "What in the world is wrong with you?! I can't talk to you anymore! You, Victoria, have just lost your best friend. I JUST CAN'T WAIT TIL' THIS MONTH IS OVER!!!" After saying that, Courtney ran upstairs, and I heard quiet sobs. What have I just done? She was my best friend and I lost her.


I feel so empty inside, I was her only friend and now she doesn't have any friend to turn to. She doesn't even have real parents. She was adopted when she was twelve. And the people that adopted her, say that she isn't good enough for anyone to like her. They treat her horribly, they make her do a lot of work and cleaning. Those people have five kids and they make the adopted one do all the work when they could make their own kids do the work.


I actually have no friends, because I lost her and I had got an opportunity to be popular a few years ago, but I turned it down to stick with my best friend, Courtney.


People make mistakes, and when people do, most of the time they are forgiven, but this mistake was the worst mistake that I have ever made. She will never forgive me after what I just did. Just the thought of not having my best friend makes me cry.


When my parents get home, if they see the destroyed book laying on the floor, they would know that I threw Courtney's book, so I hid it in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Hopefully they won't find it.


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