Little Things

Courtney is the organized kind of girl that turns down going to parties and even having the least amount of fun. And Victoria is her friend and she is the kind of girl that likes to have fun and party all the time. And when they get a new student at their school named Louis, Courtney might change her mind about partying when she falls head over heels for him.


1. Staying For A Whole Month

Little Things:

Chapter 1: Staying For A Whole Month

[Courtney's POV:]


"Hey, Courtney, I am so glad that you are staying here this month! We are going to have so much fun!" Victoria said so enthusiastically.


"Yeah it is going to be... A whole month... Of fun." I said and she didn't even notice that I was being sarcastic.


"So, what do you want to do now Courtney? Watch a movie, play a game, or throw a party?" All I could do was stare at my overly enthusiastic friend at this moment. Why is she always so crazy and hyper? Why do I even have to ask that, she eats sugar with every meal. I don't know how she doesn't pass out or get stomach aches from eating that much sugar.


"No thank you, Vikki. I am just going to lay here and read my book."


"Cool, what is your book about, Court?"


"Oh it is a romance book, about this girl who is bullied in school, and she meets this guy and her like changes when they fall in love. He even saves her life, she would've died if it weren't for him. She was kidnapped, and the guy that kidnapped her tried to drive her off a cliff, but that other guy saved her life." When I turned around she wasn't sitting next to me anymore, instead she was standing in the doorway.


"Sounds interesting, but I want to have some fun. It is the first week of summer, can't you just stop reading for a little while and watch a movie with me? I have already set a movie up in the other room." She said dramatically.


"It depends on what movie it is! I hate movies where people get bullied, so no movies where people are bullied, unless they fall in love, then it would be ok."


"The only reason that you don't want to watch a movie where someone bullied is because you are bullied in school, because all you ever do is read and study, and it is summer!!! Anyways, I put Twilight in, and I was actually hoping that you would watch all of them with me." She replied.


Then I answered by saying this, "Sure I love Twilight, it is my absolute favorite movie series. I love it because it involves vampires and love!!!"


Sure let's go watch it now!!!" Victoria replied happily.

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