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you'd think Niall Horan yes the famouse Niall horan would save the lovely Katelyn Tomlinson. Louis tomlinson's sister who is 20 and is as badass as katniss everdeen and the girl who plays in the red riding hood this story is sorta like it but.Katelyn is hunting down wherewolfs cuz they killed her parents and the rest of the family but on the way she finds out Niall's Biggest secret and she trys to kill him how will thier friendship turn out to be love when Katelyn whants to kill him ? but will Niall show her the path that she should be on or the one shes heading down now to get revenge? P.S. in this niall is the leader of the pack


6. the blood moon

                                       Nialls pov

                          "niall the blood moon is at it highest" louis said i nodded and picked Katelyn up and took her ouut side and layed her in the moonlight and turned into my wolf form and bite her as much as i didnt want to i had no choice but then i layed down next to her in my regular form whispering the words that i had to say for someone to turn dring a blood moon.once i finished i left her in the snow and grabed the blanket and covered her up. then lou walked up behind me. "what the history of the blood moon" he asked "well the blood moon is when and new wherewolf is born by any wherewolf but it usally happens when the leaders imprint gets bitten or when shes given birth though since i know you have seen a blood moon it also means that war is coming and i have to keep Katelyn safe she will be happy to kill some wherewolfs then" i said and he laughed "your right but i think she might ingnore you for a while" he said "i know but all that matters is that i have saved her" i said "how do you know you saved her" he asked "well when a wherewolf's imprint dies and they havent be turned they die automatically so therefor i saved her" i replied "oh" louis said and handed me a blanket i smiled and took it and watched as Katelyn layed still in the snow "And mate she will have worst temper then me and she will be stronger and more fearless" i said and louis groaned "great" he said.

          next day

                                   Katelyn's pov

                             I woke up to me laying on a rather larged wolf then relized it was a wherewolf. i quickly got up and saw a bite mark on my arm then the memories of the night i was kidnaped and i was biten by one and  Niall saved my life which means im one of them now. But i started petting the Wherewolf and i know who exactally who it was it was Niall.I countinued to pet his soft fur. and he looked up and the turn into human. "yor not mad" he asked. "im sorta mad bt not that much i know you saved me during the blood moon thats only when you can save someone who has been biten durring the day but it also means you must leave the one you love for three years" i said looking down he smiled sightly "i wasnt  gonna let you leave but you could get all the training yo need for that fight" he said and i laughed "i acttaly get to kill some Wherewolfs" i said and he laughed "yes you do" and i smiled sightly "well that means the next village you can leave me there" i said looking down . "will be together soon and you will have jamie there cuz yesterday she agreed to become one since there had to be two girls" he said i smiled and handed him my necklace "to rember me" he laughed "i couldn't if i tryed your my imprint i cant forgett you though i will go crazy for not being arond you but i will never forgett you " i smiled and kissed him and i knew sooner or later will be like this again

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