preadator (niall horan love story) :ON HOLD FOR NOW

you'd think Niall Horan yes the famouse Niall horan would save the lovely Katelyn Tomlinson. Louis tomlinson's sister who is 20 and is as badass as katniss everdeen and the girl who plays in the red riding hood this story is sorta like it but.Katelyn is hunting down wherewolfs cuz they killed her parents and the rest of the family but on the way she finds out Niall's Biggest secret and she trys to kill him how will thier friendship turn out to be love when Katelyn whants to kill him ? but will Niall show her the path that she should be on or the one shes heading down now to get revenge? P.S. in this niall is the leader of the pack


5. short part of niall

                                          niall's pov

                                Katelyn still had a body tempeture and i carried her back to madge's house when i got there i layed her on the couch and looked at lou. "lou the only time i can save her is when the  blood moon is at its higest tonight we must keep her body temperture the same or it wont work and it the only way" i said with tears in my eyes i never wanted her to turn out like me i wanted her to be safe and i failed. i walked out side and fell in the snow. "WHY? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE HER ?WHY COULDN'T BE ME? OUT OF ALL PEOPLE ME? " I shouted at the sky know it not helping but i hope i can safe her to night or no more Katelyn which means no more me



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