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you'd think Niall Horan yes the famouse Niall horan would save the lovely Katelyn Tomlinson. Louis tomlinson's sister who is 20 and is as badass as katniss everdeen and the girl who plays in the red riding hood this story is sorta like it but.Katelyn is hunting down wherewolfs cuz they killed her parents and the rest of the family but on the way she finds out Niall's Biggest secret and she trys to kill him how will thier friendship turn out to be love when Katelyn whants to kill him ? but will Niall show her the path that she should be on or the one shes heading down now to get revenge? P.S. in this niall is the leader of the pack


3. nightmares and forest

                              Niall's pov

                            Katelyn finally got out of the hospital and made me stay with her and lou in thier flat instead of mine, and right now izzy is sleeping in my arms when she jolted awake and screamed which cause lou to come in and sighed as i rocked her back and forth as she cryed "he got me niall he got me" she said "shhhhh sweetheart its just a dream" i said "it wasnt a dream ni it was real" she said "go back to sleep me and the boys are gonna go hunting for you" i said as i got out of the bed but she grabed my hand and bru ng me down to face her and she kissed me. "i can't lose you lou i cant lose you as well be safe for me and keep the boys safe" she said. I smiled sightly. "ill keep them safe for you my queen" i said and she smiled and fell in to a deep sleep. "come on lou its time this the only time i can turn you and the rest of the boys" i said as we walked out of the gate with the boys. "stand in the moonlight" i said to lou he nodded "and the rest of you as well" i said and they did the same thing

"make me mad louis say anything" i said

"i cant think of anything" louis said

"say something about Katelyn" i said

"Katelyn is gonna die niall if you dont save her" he said

"no stop"

"she needs you Niall Ashton make her scream his name really loud"

"lou stop" i said

"she is gonna die bye your brother" he said and i turned i bute louis in the arm and the rest of the boys in the same place accept for harry

"ok louis say something that will calm him down"

"i cant" he said as he fell to the ground.

and i turned normal and ran to him as i felt his body get real warm then it stated warmand same with the boys.

"god damn niall you didnt say it would hurt that bad" louis said

"sorry mate" i said laughing "your bites will heal in three days just dont let Katelyn see them or anyone else" i said and they nodded and we walked back in to the gates

Next day

       Katelyn's pov

           "you wherewolf" people said then i was draged by gaurds to the frount where the exacute peole if they think thier a vampire or wherewolf. they hooked me up to a thing. "im not a wherewolf. then they hit mye in my back when i heard someone being tackled and Jamie untie me she has all my arrows and bow and i saw niall and louis beating up the guard. "izzy jump on" liam said i jumped on his back and we were out the gate. He sat me down and took  of my shirt

"bloody hell" he said as he touch my back and i screamed out in pain

"god damn what did they hit you with" harry said
"it looks like a whip" liam said and then i was lifted up bye niall and louis. as they took of there jakets and put them on me as niall put me on his back.

"please be ok" he said

"take her to madge she will fix her up"  i heard louis say and while we were walking there i heard niall sing my favorit song from sleeping with the siriens heres the song

and i smiled sightly and feel into darkness.

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