preadator (niall horan love story) :ON HOLD FOR NOW

you'd think Niall Horan yes the famouse Niall horan would save the lovely Katelyn Tomlinson. Louis tomlinson's sister who is 20 and is as badass as katniss everdeen and the girl who plays in the red riding hood this story is sorta like it but.Katelyn is hunting down wherewolfs cuz they killed her parents and the rest of the family but on the way she finds out Niall's Biggest secret and she trys to kill him how will thier friendship turn out to be love when Katelyn whants to kill him ? but will Niall show her the path that she should be on or the one shes heading down now to get revenge? P.S. in this niall is the leader of the pack


7. 3 years later

                                                            Katelyn's pov

                        it turned out that i was pregneat with Niall's kid. Niall dosen't know cuz i really don't wanna ruin his caree but it won't matter when he finds out and he told me what ever secreat's i have that i shouldn't tell him into he comes and get's me and jamie. "izzy me and melodie are going to the park with Jared do you wanna come" she asked "sure wht not" i said getting up and getting dressed in something warm.when i came back downstairs i only saw Jared. "hey Jared where's meloidie and Jamie" i asked "in the car" he said not getting eye contact with me,and i shighed. "Jared do you not like me" and he shook his head no "then why must you act like this i know you know what me and Jamie are and im truly surpise you kept our secreat but it wasn't us who killed your sister when know who it is it's and outsider me and Jamie had no choice but to be this awful thing bt i'd never kill anyone those creater's out ther are toying with me they think im still human that Niall saved me in time but he didnt i was gonna die if my brother and him didnt put me out if that full bloodmoon  plus Jared their not hunting you or anyone else thier hunting my family even those two girls out there

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