"You're not the only one." Then he showed me his cuts.


2. Chapter 2

I cover my arms in concealer, masking my cuts. I decorate my arms with bracelets to take no chances. My blonde hair lies in its natural curls, just hanging at my mid back, it lost its bounce a long time ago. Concealer hides my bruised face. Liquid eyeliner leaves a thin line on my top lid, enhancing the light brown eye shadow, and mascara coating my short eyelashes.


I sigh as I step out the front door, the hard, cold wind whipping me in the face. My pace quickens as I hurry to get out of this dreadful London weather. I stop realizing the mistake ive made. I rushed. I got to school quicker than I intended. The tormenting begins.


"Whore, slut, worthless, nobody likes you, ugly rat." The list goes on. I shock everyone by turning around and walking straight out of the school and onto the main road.

What do I do there? I sit.


"Im done." Everyone gasps as the bus makes impact with my body.




A/N hey guys sorry for the long wait. hope you like it. jayme xx

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