"You're not the only one." Then he showed me his cuts.


1. Chapter 1

The cold metal blade greets my wrist willingly, exposing that addicting red liquid. I dont count anymore. I can't count that high. There's so many slices, all i see is red. The blood drips to the tub, dying my feet. One cut, gets deeper each time, for every word that my tormentors call me. "Fat, ugly, stupid, idiot, bitch, slut, fag, whore, worthless, etc." 


I take in a sharp breath as the water penetrates my ripped up skin. I bandage it with gauze.


"HANNA GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AND CLEAN UP YOUR MESS" Father yells. I scurry down the staircase and instantly begin cleaning up the piled up beer cans that he claims to be my mess. I stand up with the bottles in my hand, before he grabs my newly bandaged wrist from behind me, making the bottles fall and clatter against the floor. I hiss in pain as i look into his glaring eyes. 


"I hope it hurts. Cut deeper next time." He growls before stalking away. 

I sigh, as I gather the bottles together and take the bottles to the recycle.



Welcome to my Life. I'm broken.


A/N: Hey guys its jayme!! Sorry its so short it is the first chapter after all, im just starting out. I hope this is enough to get you guys hooked! Comment suggestions if you have any! Feedback is always welcomed. And please no hate about cutting, cause i know how it feels.

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