Bad News

His ocean blue eyes pierced my soul as he leaned against the brick wall surrounded by a group of guys that were just like him. They all had tattoos and piercing and weirdly it was very attractive. He looked like bad news. But how was I to know someone I literally just layed eyes on? He just had this look. This look that wasn't a good look, a kind of look i'd always avoided before, being scared out of my mind. But this time, I wasn't scared at all. No, more like intrigued. My mind wanted to know more but my body refused.


3. Injuries

For lunch, I went and grabbed some sonic and ate at my house. I came back about 10 minutes until the bell.

I was just walking down the halls awkwardly, while everyone else was leaned up against one talking to their friends, until I was greeted by Stephanie. "Hey Jade! Come with me!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me to what i'm assuming was her locker. She opened it up to reveal a make-up bag and little mirror on the door. She re-applied some mascara and offered me some. "No I did mine at my house just now but thanks!" She smiled and put it back in her locker.

"So you make any new friends? Besides me of course." she giggles and winks. "Well not really. Harry seems nice though." She looked at me and sighed. "He is. But that group is bad news. All they are is trouble. But Harry is the best guy out of all of them. He seems tough, but he actually has a really big heart." She smiled at me and I did the same back. "Come here." She says and tugs my arm. She takes me to a different hallway. I see 'the group'. "DONT make it obvious we're talking about them. But the guy with the really dark hair with the leather jacket is Zayn Malik. He's dating Perrie Edwards. Super pretty and nice but still a punk chick if you know what I mean. Then with the longer light brown hair and quiff is Louis Tomlinson. Star soccer player. He's failed multiple drug tests before but they act like they didn't notice it because he's so good at soccer. The other lighter brown hair is Liam Payne. Not really much to say. What you see is what you get. He's dating Danielle Peazer. Again, super pretty and a dancer. You already know Harry. Then last you have Niall Horan with the blonde hair and blue eyes. Every girl in school thinks he's so hot. I mean, I don't like him or anything, but I have to admit he's so freaking hot." I nod and smile at her. We slowly walk by them and I could feel all eyes on Stephanie and I. Super awkward. I sped up the pace and quickly we walked out of that hallway.

"Oh my gosh!! You felt the awkwardness too?!" She whisper-screamed. "Yes!!!" I did the same to her. "That was so weird...They usually don't care about anyone outside of their group!? Did something happen?" She asks. "Welll... when I was walking in today, Niall stared right at me and we kinda made eye contact in a strange and mysterious way. Then when I talked to Harry, he called me cute but said he can't have me because Niall already claimed me as his." she looks shocked and dumbfounded.

"Do you what this means?" She whispers. I shake my head no. "This means he's not gonna leave you alone until you're 'his'." I opened my mouth but nothing came out. "Well what do I do??" I ask freaking out. "I-I don't know.. just try to avoid him I guess. There's really nothing you can do. He's not going to stop." At that moment the first bell sounds signaling to start heading to class. I checked my schedule; history next. Stephanie saw it too. "I have biology next. See you around." She sighs and starts walking away.


I took a deep breath before walking into the classroom. I stepped in and tried to just look for the teacher and ignore all the kids. "Ah! Ms. Edwards?" The teacher stands up and walks towards me. I shake my head. "Alright! You may have a seat..." She pauses looking around the classroom. I look up for open spots and I practically stop breathing when I see Niall sitting at the back with an empty seat next to him. A huge knot forms I my throat as I glance back at the teacher. "Go ahead and have a seat next to Emily right there." I sigh in relief as she points to a desk away from Nialls. I go have a seat next to the girl as the teacher begins her lesson.

When the bells rings, everyone jumps up to leave the classroom. I want out of here now. I walk quickly to the door but trailing right behind me is blue eyes. Being the clumsy self I am, I look to the side as I walk to try to see him in my peripheral vision, and trip over one of the bars holding the desks up.

I get a face full of carpet and dirt as a face plant in the middle of the classroom. I groan at the tremendous amount of pain in my left arm. The only good thing is it takes away from the pain coming from my throbbing nose. I must've hit my harm on the bar on the desk when I fell. I roll over and clutch my right arm with my left. I couldn't even move it. The teacher runs up to me immediately and leans down but all I see above me is ocean blue eyes looking into mine. I can't really focus on anything the pain is so tremendous. "Oh my gosh her arm!" I hear the teacher whisper, thinking I can't hear her. "She needs to go to the nurse, NOW." 'she says again. "I'll take her it's alright." I hear Niall say back. He start to scoop me up, bridal style. Normally I would've protested but I really didn't care at this point. "Are you sure you have her?" "Yeah she's light i'll be fine. It's her i'm worried about." I want to "aww" but then I realize who it is.

It isn't until we're halfway down the hall that I realize my ankle is killing me and I'm not even walking on it! This can't be good.


"All we can do right now is put her ankle and arm in a splint. We'll need to have more x-rays done tomorrow to see if she needs surgery.

"Thank you doctor." My mom smiles, but you can still see the worry in her eyes. The doctor walked out of the room and she sighs a very long sigh. "You okay?" she asks. "Yes i'm fine. I nod reassuringly.

We walk out, me on crutches. Both bones in my arm are broken and my ankle is broken as well. They wanted to put me in a wheelchair, but I really didn't want to be. I convinced them I'd be fine walking with crutches instead. It hurt like heck to use the arm I broke to walk on them but I can bare through the pain.

I go to bed that night and all I can think about is school tomorrow. I really have to thank Niall for taking me to the nurses, then driving me to the hospital and meeting my mom up there. The car ride was silent but it wasn't really awkward. Maybe it's just because I was in so much pain I couldn't focus on anything. But that means I will have to talk to him. That not avoiding him, Jade. But It's rude not to say anything.

Oh great. I'm gonna have to talk to him. For sure.

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