It's Where My Demon's Hide

One Direction. Their name is known everywhere. Not for a good reason etheir. One Direction, the boys we thought we knew... are criminals. They kidnapp girls and messes with their heads before killing them. They target all over the country. Sadly, for certain girls.. there luck isn't with them. But. do these boys have a story behind their nasty ways? Will they fall in love with their victums?

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2. Chapter 2

Niall's POV

I was getting sick of being scared of Harry. But, I have too. Or I will have my head in a brick wall again and then try to explain to the doctor why there is a huge dent in my skull and my face is all busted up. I sat back after he crushed the sunglasses and zipped my lip. I don't know why he didn't choke anyone today, maybe he was to tired? I wasn't sure but it wasn't normal. We finally pulled up at a gas station while we sat and talked as Harry filled our gas tank.

"We will track them down tomorrow" Zayn Laughs. I smile even though it kind of pains me to see them die. Raping them and letting them go would be funnier/better. I just chuckle to myself and the boys look at my oddlly. "What?" I wonder and they shake their heads, but Louis speaks up "Nothing mate.. you just kinda laughed oddly" He huffs. I glare at him and stick my tongue out the watch Harry hop into the drivers seat. Everyone's slilent. Completely silent you could hear a pin drop. I sit back in my seat. I wanted to ask why he switched with Louis, but I kept my mouth shut.

"Where are we going?" Zayn breaks the silence.

"SILENCE.... I KILL YOU!" Louis laughs and Harry rolls his eyes.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP LOUI" Harry scoffs and runs his hand through his hair. I sat back a chuckled covering my mouth as Harry looks through the rear view mirror. He glares and goes back to the road. I text my mum and Greg on my phone telling them that im fine and having fun. Since they are in Ireland, they have no idea, One Direction, the biggest boyband ever, are now the most wanted criminals. Some things stay secrets. Until we bomb Ireland.

"Yes mum! Everythings lovely here! The fans are amazing I love them sooo much! They brought us to this point and theres no breaking us. We are just like criminals! Stealing their hearts <3 Hah, the views are most beautiful! Can't wait for next break, to come home and relax! xx."

I text my mother once every month to let her know things are fine. I smiled to myself and close my phone, not soon after it lights up again with a text from and unknown number, then my mum. I look at my mums first,

"Thats Great hun! Can't wait to see you! Greg says he can't wait to star in a new music video, just so you cant 'Unfreeze' him from the last! You boys are so cute! Your dad also said He wants to see your Irish toosh soon! I can't wait to see you! xx."

I laugh at the text almost forgetting the other I had gotten. I open it and my eyes widen at the names at the bottem then reading th message,

"We wont play your foolish games. We wont be your next victums. We can't be tamed. xD okay. No I can't say that without laughing. OMF. Anyways, Your not going to kill us. Nor are you going to catch us. Good luck you English Muffins. Okay No I have to laugh again HAH! xD good luck catching us! ~Brittney, Emma, Clarissa, Cory, and Kyliee.
P.s. That was very very naughty of the girls! I didn't think of it! ~Kyliee "

I chuckle at how immature and pathetic they are and apparently the boys got the same message.

Kyliee's POV

This was all a misunderstanding. I didn't even understand how we got ourselves in this mess.  I was lost. If we did get caught I made sure that I wasn't to anyone's unliking so maybe they would spare me a beating? I don't know. We had already arrived at Clarissa's house and we were hoping the cops caught them. Brittney was pacing back and forth around the small livingroom.

"What are we going to do? What if they find us by phone? What if they already know where we live?!" She panic's.

"Calm it Britt, they are to lazy and dumb to know it anyway" I heard Cory chuckle after Clarissa makes that remark. I slightly smile but I can't help other then agree with Brittney, they could find us by phone if they really wanted too. Plus, internet these days, if they knew our names and our number, they could search our adresses and more personal information. I started getting a headache so I told Brittney to take a nap as we all did for our tiring day in a high speed chase.







HEY IS ME AGAIN! sorry im going to be one of those authors that makes a note every chapter! I don't have much to say right now other then that im super tired and its 1:37 A.M. here, I just made a quick.. NOT SO QUICK chapter, sorry if its short/shorter then the last chapter. I was tired and I wanted to update for you guys because I might not for a while.

I usually only write when Im in a really good writing mood. Thats usually in school. But when I get home I say screw it xD. So be warned I don't update a lot. BUT HELP ME GET MORE UP TO WANTING TO WRITE! SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS VOTE THIS ETC. SO I WANNA UPDATE MORE!!

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