The Traveling Soldier.

Harry Styles, a 22 year old Army Dependent who's on leave for 2 weeks, goes to a beach for a quick surf. At the beach he sees a girl sitting on the railing beside the ocean, with some of her friends. Harry and the girl, Jessica, become very close, and soon fall in love with one another. Will things work out? Or will Harry lose Jessica's love?

Inspired by Dear John ♥


1. Chapter 1: On leave.

Harry pov

I grabbed my board and ran into the water, the board underneath me. I felt the cool water on my skin, and before I knew it, I was riding a wave. I heard the appreciative calls from girls on the beach, but I ignored them. Those girls meant nothing to me.

I kept riding for a while, before the wave went down, and the sun started to fade away. I got out of the water, and shook my damp hair, which was now half curls and a darker brown than normal, because of the effect of the water. I looked around; teens drinking and being happy with their friends.

I saw Niall's lavender hair poking out from the crowd and let a smile slip onto my lips. I grabbed my towel and dried off my chest and hair enough to where I could pull on my grey V-Neck. I shook my hair some more before hearing a loud scream, and turning around quickly. I saw a short blonde girl falling into the water. I took from her scream that she either hit something on the way, or couldn't swim.

I dropped my board and threw off my shirt, diving back into the water. I opened my eyes once I was under, and looked around. I saw her, she was splashing around and freaking out. I swam over to her and grabbed her around the waist. At first, she tried to resist, then she got the fact I was helping her.

I swam to where I could stand, and helped her out. She began coughing up some water and she looked at me. She looked about 17-18, she was very petite. "T-Thanks..." She coughed out. I smiled at her. "No worries."

I shook my hair once again, and toweled off before handing my towel to the girl. "Here." She smiled shyly and took the towel, wrapping it around herself. "I don't even know what happened. One moment I'm with my friends, and the next moment I'm falling into water." She shook her head. "I'm such a blonde." Then she tugged on her hair. "Literally.

I smiled again. "It's alright, I'm Harry, by the way."

She bit her bottom lip. "Jessica."

I bowed, causing her to laugh. "Hey... Do you maybe want to come to a bonfire? My friends and I are having one."

I thought for a second. "Hold on." I ran up to Niall and grabbed his arm. "C'mon, mate. We're going to a bonfire." He smiled. "Will there be food?" "Of course." His eyes lit up and we walked back to Jessica. "Alright, lets go!" She smiled at Niall and me.

On the way to the bonfire, I told Jessica a bit about myself. "My parents divorced when I was 7, and my mum remarried shortly after. Then when I was 17, I joined the Army." Her eyes lit up at the mention of me being in the Army. "That's so cool!" She's definitely 17..

She told me how her parents were also divorced, and how her brother is a photographer, and how her other brother died in the Army.

When we got to the bonfire, an older guy with a kid walked up and greeted Jessica. The boy was kind of hyper. "Jekka!" He pronounced her name oddly. She smiled and picked up the small boy. "Hello, Devin! Hi, Alan." She greeted the older guy.

"This is Harry, he saved me from almost drowning today." The guy held out his hand. "Alan." He said as I shook his hand.

The whole bonfire was a great thing. Apparently Jessica has a friend named Hanna, who Niall found an interest in. She was also a small thing, with shoulder length, brown, curly hair. But the whole time, I couldn't keep my eyes off the beautiful girl, known as Jessica.

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