It's like a magic trick, my smile. Everything seems to be fine. No one dares to look behind the curtain, into my reality.


1. My Life.

Sophia's POV:


i slam the alarm clock. it's only 7am. I jump into my bathroom to brush my teeth and get washed up. i pick whatever is clean, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater, and put it on. running down the stairs, i shoved down breakfast, which was toast, gulped down milk and hurried out the front door.

Life isn't so great. My mom and dad always fights and i'm always getting yelled at for no reason. Self-esteem? -100000000000. i try my best to cope with it.


as i got around the corner, i saw Ellie, Dia, Rin, John, and Leona waiting for me. i hurried to catch up to them and grinned when i saw that Leona wore a skirt with tights today. when El saw my expression, she cracked up too, i mean a guy, wearing a skirt, it was priceless. Of all the people that i know, Ellie understood me the most. though, i never tell her about how my parents really act when there are no visitors around. Leona said ' hey, walrus, i see you're checking me out.' i said' yea, you look great, no wonder you didn't come to our dinner date yesterday!' it was always like this between me and Leona (who is a guy that has a girl's name), jokes, and fun and all good. 

At the corner of my eye, i saw John looking Diana up and down, El and Leo noticed that too. so i said 'Diana, where'd you get that skirt from, i want one too!!' John turned tomato red once i said that. 


damn, that's the bell. i said' RACE YOU' . even though i had a head start, John still beat me cause he's our school's cross-country champion. 


First period was math, i have it with El and Leo, we usually sit in the back. when i entered the class, i was surprised at what i saw, my jaw dropped and it was my turn to become red.

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