'kidnapped' by one direction

hi. my name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky, now I know you what your thinking "why is she moaning that she has been "Kidnapped" by one direction" well, im not, im just here to tell you that even when you have a lot of crap going on around you, life can still get better. so before you read my story heres a fact about me, im deaf and I have a interpreter with me almost every day she is there from 10 in the morning to 8 at night but she has an 30 minute break every two hours. that's all I can say right now.


5. the interview

Niall's POV

today me and the boys had an interview to go to and I know there are going to be questions asked about the new girls that are living on the bus with us. Everyone on the bus was getting ready for the interview that there wasn't one moment of silence and there were even fuuny accidents like Zayn was trying to do his hair so he went to walk into the bathroom and Amy was sat on the toilet, she was embarresed but she found it funny, I was almost ready and me and Vicky walked into eachother and she spilt her cup of water all over me so I had to get changed, there was just a lot going on today. finally we were all ready so there was going to be, hopefully, no accidents like the ones before from now on. we got to the place where we needed to be and there were thousands of screaming fans waiting for us like usual. I grabbed Vickys hand and we walked of into the building. once we got inside we were told what the plan was, but not the questions were, I looked over to Vicky and Amy and occasionaly they were chatting but most of the time they were watching the boys. 25 minutes later and the interview started "so you may hear all those screaming girls outside? yes? well that because we have here probably the biggest boy band in the world, ONE DIRECTION!" the interviewer shouted into the camera. "so boys, we have saw a few pictures with you and some girls on the bus, care to share?" he smiled at us then looked at me "Niall you look like you know something, in fact you have been holding hands with one of the girls haven't you?"

"yes I have, but its nothing like that were just good friends" I smiled at him then smiled at her

"oh your looking over there, Im guessing shes sat down there somewhere" he laughed then he looked at the other boys "so Boys, do you believe Niall with just the 'where just good friends' thing?" he asked the boys

"yeah, well I do, we joke around with them a lot saying stuff like "oh you so love eachother" and "lovebirds" but that's just joking around" Liam replied

"I agree with Liam but I also thinl they would make an awesome couple, I mean just.. hold on a second" Louis said than ran into the crowed and Pulled out Vicky and took her onto the stage "sit on Niall's Lap" he told her, she awkwardly sat on my lap and I hid my face by resting it on her back "you two look at the camera" Louis said so me and Vicky looked at the camera "now wouldn't that be a cute couple" he said seriously which made me laugh, I turned around and faced him and gave him the evils then looked at Vicky then at the interviewer

"shh Louis, no one was supposed to know about us" I laughed rubing Vickys face and she laughed "oh well, every one knows now" I said and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and started laughing "no but seriously we are just friends, that was just a joke" I smiled, Vicky went to stand up but the interviewer stopped her

"no no no, stay, sit down with the band and chat with us" he told her so she walked behind the sofa and sat on a stool that one of the people that work in this building brought out for her "so boys... and Vicky, who is the biggest joker in the group?" as soon as the question was asked I knew that the boys wold look at me and Vicky "so guys why are you looking at Vicky and Niall?" I knew it

"well you just witnessed one of their jokes and you should see them on the bus, chasing eachother around with massive jugs filled with ice cold water, playing pranks on eachother and the other people on the bus, they are just known as the one direction jokers" Harry laughed as he was talking about the ice cold water thing I started to laugh

"Niall why did you start laughing when Harry was talking about the ice cold water in a jug?" the man asked me

"well, one day we were all bored so I thought I would get Vicky with the ice cold water when she got out of the toilet so I went and got it ready and walked over to the bathroom door and she pushed the door open so fast that it came towards me and pushed the jug into my face so I refilled it and chased her, tripped over and got covered in it again but I eventually got her" I laughed

"you say eventually?" he asked

"about 20 tries" I told him

"and the rest" Zayn and Liam said at the same time, we answered more and more questions and soon it was over, we all walked over to Amy and walked back to the bus

Vicky's POV

that was so embarresing when Niall kissed me infront of everyone and when the interviewer kept me on the stage but im glad its over, before the interview me and Amy was chatting about stuuf like why the boys joke about that me and Niall are dating and all that kind of stuff she told me that its because we have the closest relationship and we flirt a lot. and then there were questions about it.


this Is just kind of a filler chapter so you guys have more to read while I write another chapter to my other fanfiction and whilst I sort things out for         urgh      school :( well anyway bbbyyyeeee :) ~1D__lova


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