'kidnapped' by one direction

hi. my name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky, now I know you what your thinking "why is she moaning that she has been "Kidnapped" by one direction" well, im not, im just here to tell you that even when you have a lot of crap going on around you, life can still get better. so before you read my story heres a fact about me, im deaf and I have a interpreter with me almost every day she is there from 10 in the morning to 8 at night but she has an 30 minute break every two hours. that's all I can say right now.


4. the funny pair

reading that article about my fathers death brought the biggest smile on my face, i dont need to disguise my self whenever im out with Niall and the other boys and i dont have to live in fear of him finding me anymore, as i closed down the article and smiled to my self i got a tap on my soldier, i looked at who it was and it was Amy. "why are you so happy?"

'my fathers dead, my fiathers dead I signed to her and started to jump up and down, when I stopped I went back onto the article I had just read and showed Amy, as I was showing her this article and smiling about it Niall and the others came into the room.

"you coming out with us today?" they asked us, I lloked over and asked what we wil be doing "anywhere, we need to get out of this bus" they laughed I nodded my head and when to get ready, I walked into the bathroom to clean up, I asked Amy if I could borrow some cloths of hers and her hair straighters, my hair was pretty straight already but today I wanted it perfectly straight, I took out an outfit from Amy's Luggage and put it on, I straighted my hair and walked out.

"you two arnt wearing anything to hide your face, what if your father looks at the news and finds you?" Niall asked me and I smiled and told him what I had found out earlier and he also smiled and gave me a big hug

"alright love birds come on lets go" Louis shouted at us jokingly. me and Niall looked at each other then at him

"shut up Lou" Niall told him and smiled, he held out his hand for me to grab I took it and walked outside with them

"Harry, Harry who are these girls, why are there different girls coming of your bus every day?" the Paps started shouting out at the boys

"they are the same girls not different ones" Harry calmly replied back

"Niall why are you holding that girls hand?" they asked Niall, Niall kept holding my hand and walking

he smiled at me and we carried on walking whilst the boys were answering questions, we went into a shop and sat down while we waited for the fans and paps to go away, I sat down next to the basket balls and started playing with it and played basket ball by myself, never missing a shot. I smiled and sat down, soon I felt a precense next to me, I looked over and Saw Niall sat next to me, I smiled at him "were taking you shopping today, you need clothes and all the stiff you need and seeing as its your birthday" he smiled, and I smiled back

'but I have no money' I replied

"were going to buy the stuff... and don't retaliate" he smiled at me and I gave him a fake evil look but gave him a hug and thanked him after, he took the ball of me and tried shooting but missed, I laughed at him, he looked over to me and passed me the ball "I would like to see you do better" I laughed and stood up, I stood by the doors so I was further than Niall and shot, I watched the ball roll around the ring and it went in, I laughed and sat down. Once I sat down Niall pounced on me straight away and started tickling me "how dare you show me up infront of my other band members and my fans" he joked and I laughed even more, he soon stopped and I sat up, I ruffled his hair and stood up but before I could walk away he picked me up over his soldier and I started hitting his back for him to put me down, we walked outside and into another shop.

he put me down and I gave him another fake evil look.

Niall's POV

I picked her up and put her over my soldier, I noticed that it was dying down outside so I took her outside with her still on my soldier and I walked into another shop, I put her down and she gave me another fake evil look, when she did these she titly pouted her lips and gave me evils, I had to hold myself back from kissing her when she gave me the look. it was just me and her in the shop for a bit but then the others came into the shop "there here" I heard Liam call

"we were looking for you two, one moment you were in the shop the next you weren't" Zayn laughed, we got back onto the bus not long after that, Amy said she had to go somewhere but she insited that none of her came with her so we stayed on the bus waiting for her to come back, about half an hour later Amy came back with bags and bags full of clothes, she called Vicky to come with her and soon Vicky came back with some brand new clothes on, she looked really nice in them too.

Vicky's POV

Amy said she had to go somewhere on her own so me and the boys stayed in the bus, about half an hour later she came back with a bunch of bags in her hand, she told me to follow her so i did and she explained that she had brought me new clothes and underwear and that's why she had to go on her own, i thanked her and got changed then sat next to Niall on the sofa and watched television.

hours of watching television I started to feel really tired, I looked around to look at everyone and notice none of them looked tired so I though I would stay up a bit longer and wait until someone goes.. but that didn't last very long. I was asleep in the next minute.

I woke up in my sleeping compartment, I loked around shocked and got out, I walked into the main area of the coach where Louis and Zayn were already awake I waved hello to them and they smiled back. seeing as the other memebers of the band didn't know sign language I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote on it 'how did I get to bed last night?'

"we noticed you getting very tired and knew you wouldn't last and when you went to sleep on Niall's Lap he picked you up and took you to bed, we did wake you up to get changed and you did, don't you remember that?" Louis explained, I shook my head no and they both laughed, I fell asleep on Niall's lap?! when did that happen, I only remember leaning my head backwards and falling asleep like that. As soon as I sat down he walked into the room

'I slept on your lap?' I asked him and he nodded his head laughing and yawning, aww he looked so cute like that. wait where did that come from. 'im so sorry' I signed and he told me it was ok

"seriously, all of us boys need to learn this stuff" Zayn said laughing which made all of us laugh

'you look cute when you sleep though' Niall signed to me and my cheeks grew pink, I told him thanks and he sat down next to me munching on a sandwhich "so Vicky how was your birthday?" Niall asked me, I looked up at him and smiled

'the best birthday ever' he smiled and said good, I could see in the corner of my eyes that Zayn and Louis was look at us confused but once we were all silent they would whisper and look over to me and Niall and wiggle their eyebrows at me. 'stop it you idiots' I joked with them, that's another one that Louis knows

"Niall, your girlfriend just called me an idiot" Louis told Niall mocking a childs voice and all  Niall did was laugh and look at me then give me a high five. apparently me and Niall were the new jokers of the band, even though im not in the band, but me and Niall always joke around and every one on the bus finds us the funny pair.

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