'kidnapped' by one direction

hi. my name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky, now I know you what your thinking "why is she moaning that she has been "Kidnapped" by one direction" well, im not, im just here to tell you that even when you have a lot of crap going on around you, life can still get better. so before you read my story heres a fact about me, im deaf and I have a interpreter with me almost every day she is there from 10 in the morning to 8 at night but she has an 30 minute break every two hours. that's all I can say right now.


3. Local Man Killed in Car Accident

Niall's POV 

i noticed that Amy was talking to Vicky and i guess Vicky was lip reading and she must of been pretty good at it, i walked over to her and pulled her onto the stage whilst the boys were trying to figure out when we were going to sing Does He Know from our new album, the only ones we had shown to our fans was Story Of My Life and Best Song Ever so we decided we wanted to show them another song that we had wrote but we needed other songs because an album wasn't going to be good with only three songs on it. i walked over to the boys quickly to see if they had figured it out yet, when i noticed they hadn't i walked over to Vicky that was swinging her legs of the side of the stage and smiling at Amy. i sat down next to her and tried to sign, she laughed and stopped me. she told me to speak normally because she could hear me which had confused me because she was deaf so how could she hear me. 'how?' i signed to her and she lifted a piece of hair that covered her ears and it shown a hearing aid. i told her what i was going to say and we both laughed for a while. i looked over to Amy and then back to Vicky and she was smiling to herself "what?"  i asked her and before she could answer i heard laughter behind me. what was so funny? i was only asked her what she was smiling about. 

"she cant hear you Niall, shes deaf, remember?" they all said, in a non rude way, and laughed about it, me and Vicky laughed to an she walked over to them and signed to them what she had told and shown me, the boys looked at her dumbfounded and then looked at me "what did she say?" they asked and we were all in a fit of laughter again. i wish Vicky could hear her laugh, it was adorable like a baby's laugh cute and could make anyone around her laugh and smile. me and Vicky sat on the edge of the stage together and talked for a while then we all had to go backstage because the fans will be piling in soon. 

"Amy there you are" i walked over to Amy and asked her to step outside of the room for a bit

Vicky's POV 

"Amy there you are" i heard Niall say as he walked over to Amy "can you come outside for a bit, i need to chat to you" he asked her and she nodded her head, i was to busy watching Amy and Niall i didnt notice that the boys were throwing paper at me until they had left the room

"got a crush on Niall have you Vicky?" Louis asked, i shook my head no at him but he still carried on "wait until i tell Niall.. oooo" he smiled evilly at me 

'you Mr. Tomlinson are a pain in the a---'

"ahh ahh ahh Mrs. Amber-Green" i heard Amy say, i stopped signing and looked her way "none of that talk now.. thats not very lady like" she laughed 

'neither is the word Fuck or Shit but i still use them' i laughed whilst signing it, Amy and Niall's Face was pricless 

"what what, what did she sign?" i heard the boys ask and Niall told them because Amy didnt swear and the boys were in another fit of laughter "oh what a bad girl. Amber-Green" i heard Louis say, i turned around 

'right thats it' i joked, he knew those words and laughed and ran. accidentally running on stage with me right behind him. he stopped right in his tracks and i tried to stop but it was to late and i ran straight into the back of him and we both landed on the floor of the stage with me on top of him, the fans were laughing so much at this. i got up shyly and gave them an awkward smile and ran of the stage, i could hear all the boys laughing and heard Louis behind me laughing too.

~couple of hours later~

"what a great show" the boys smiled and laughed as they came back stage once again

"Group Hug" Harry shouted pointing to me and Amy as well, we both backed away from the sweaty boys and soon was back to back with a wall.great. "yay group hug" they shouted and engulfed me and Amy into one massive sweaty hug. after sitting down a while we got back onto the tour bus 

"we are now on our way to France so we can get ready for your shows there" Paul told the boys and they smiled we drove onto the motor way but soon came to a halt, i looked out of the window to see what was going on. there on the other side of the motor way was two cars smashed up into tiny little pieces. there was no way the drivers of those cars would of survived. i turned back around and the guys were all in one big circle on the floor spinning a bottle, i tapped Niall on the shoulder and he looked up with a smile 

'whats going on?' i asked him pointing to the game going on, he told me they were playing spin the bottle truth or dare. it was when you play truth or dare but instead of picking who your asking you spin the bottle and whoever it lands on you ask them. 

"wanna play?" he asked me i shook my head but sat next to him. he pulled me onto his lap and let me sit there, i was watching the bottle and it landed on Niall 

"Niall, truth or dare" 

"DARE!!" Niall shouted out

"ok, i dare you to kiss Vicky for 2 whole minutes" louis smirked at me then Niall 

"no no no. shes not playing so my dares cant involve her" he told him 

"oh but its a dare Niall you have to do it, even if it doesn't involve anyone playing. like when you dared me to climb that lamp post and shout at the top of my lungs that i was in love with you, the people that heard that wasn't playing and the lamp post wasn't as well" he laughed "now go on, do the dare" he laughed again. we both looked at each other for a minute. my hands were getting sweaty with nerves. i closed my eyes and me and Niall were kissing. after the 2 minutes were up Zayn called out that it was over and we looked at every one watching. Perverts. 

"ok you happy now, i have done my dare" he laughed and spun the bottle. once the dare had been taken place by Harry, the one Niall told him to do, he spun the bottle and it landed on Niall again "i dont think i wanna play anymore" Niall joked Harry thought about what his truth or dare was going to be 

"truth or dare" 

"truth, im playing this safe now" he laughed 

"do you... like.. anyone" Harry winked at him 

"maybe" was Niall's response 

~a week later~

i had been woken up early today, i opened my eyes and was greeted by bright blue once staring into my ice blue ones, i loved my eye colour, it was a nice shade of blue. it took me a while to come around but when i did i was being told to put my hearing aid in, i did and almost instantly i was greeted by birthday songs being played and Niall and the rest of the gang singing happy birthday to me "happy 18th" they all shouted when they had finished, i got up and gave them all a hug, they pulled me into the main area of the bus and sat me down. they all disappeared for a while but when they came back they had handful upon handfuls of presents for me to open  

'you lot are so sweet, you didnt need to get me anything' i said to them and thanked them, i started opening the presents and the last one was my favorite, it was from Niall. a brand new laptop, i jumped up and gave Niall a massive hug and thanked him for it. once every one had left to get ready, i started up the laptop to find every thing had been already set up and Niall had been crafty and had made my name 'Victoria Horan' i laughed and opened up the internet on it, i was curious to who was in the accident on the motor way a week ago so i looked it up and found an article named 'local man killed in car accident' i clicked on it and read a bit 

'local man, Rob Majour, 47, Died due to a high speed car crash. Both cars were shattered all over the motorway in tiny pieces, there was nothing left of the cars and both drivers were dead at impact' that's all i need to read. Rob Majour. my father. dead. this so far is the best birthday ever.

~~~~~Authours note~~~~

so guys im hoping you like my fanficton...i dont know how im doing so i would love to know from you guys what you think, i saw that you guys were asking me to update so i have but im of to bed now because its almost 1:00am so good night guys. thank you so much for reading this -1D__lova


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