'kidnapped' by one direction

hi. my name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky, now I know you what your thinking "why is she moaning that she has been "Kidnapped" by one direction" well, im not, im just here to tell you that even when you have a lot of crap going on around you, life can still get better. so before you read my story heres a fact about me, im deaf and I have a interpreter with me almost every day she is there from 10 in the morning to 8 at night but she has an 30 minute break every two hours. that's all I can say right now.


2. in hiding

Niall had put the subtitles on for me so I could no whats going on, Dad never did that for me, he told me too watch the show and not moan, that's when I was allowed to watch television, I was watching Hunger Games on film 4, this is the first time I had watched it and I loved Peeta, I was so tired at the end of the film, I wanted to go to sleep and Niall probably noticed how tired I was because I got a tap on the shoulder, I looked up and he signed to me 'wanna put your head on my lap and have a nap?' I nodded my head and tanked him and fell asleep

Niall's POV

i got out of the bed and walked to the front room and noticed Vicky was sat up on the sofa crying and shaking her head, i walked over to her and put an arm around her, she jumped and slapped me across the face, it hurt but i guess she thought i was her dad 'sorry' she told me so i told her it was ok, she was leaning on me and we were both in a comfortable silence then she shot of me 'he got you too?' she asked me, i guess she thought i didn't understand her because after she did that she looked down at her feet so i lifted her head up so she was looking at me and i shook my head 'you understand me?' she asked another question, it took me a while to understand that one but i soon got it, i nodded the replied

'kind of, i have been learning from Amy' i told her, i think i said it correctly i was kind of nervous though because i have only learnt a few things

'where am i?' she asked me i thought about how to say my reply

'on the one direction tour bus' she looked around and huffed, but it was a happy huff but soon the fear came back onto her face

'Amy,Amy is going to knock on the door and hes going to get mad when he finds out im not there' she told me i shook my head and she gave me a confused look, i jumped up of the sofa and held my hand out, she took it and i took her to the sleeping compartments and got to the bed Amy was sleeping in and pulled the curtains back so she could see that Amy was here sleeping, she gave me a smile and we walked back to the main area of the bus, i put on the television onto Hunger Games and put the subtitles on so Vicky could enjoy the film, at the end of the film i looked down at her and noticed that she was feeling tired, i tapped her on the shoulder and she looked up so i asked her if she wanted to lie her head down ontop of my lap and go to sleep, she nodded her head and got comfortable

"Ni" i heard a voice say beside me, i turned around and Noticed a very sleepy Louis

"yeah Lou" i whispered, forgetting that Vicky was deaf so she wouldn't be able to hear me

"wheres Vicky?" he asked me and i pointed to her head and he burst out laughing i realised why he was laughing and laughed myself

"Louis. your so rude minded" i laughed and he nodded and walked of to get a drink, not long after the rest of the boys came out with a sleepy Amy behind them, she signed something to a now awake Vicky, she didn't sleep long but she looked really tired and still does look tired

'are you ok, you look really tired still' i think i signed to her, she nodded her head and signed something to Amy, Amy sat next to me and whispered what she has told her

"she had a nightmare"

"why did you have to whisper that?" i asked her

"she didn't want the others to know" she got up and walked into the kitchen area, i looked at Vicky and she was watching the television

"hey guys we should go somewhere and take Vicky's mind of what ever happened in that house" they all looked at me and smiled Amy and Vicky had a short conversation

"she says she cant, he watches the news and this will be all over the news, two new girls with one direction, he will find us then shoot all of us down"

"hes that bad?" we all asked her, Amy nodded sat down next to Vicky "why don't we get a few disguises" i asked them Amy signed something to Vicky and she nodded

"thats a yes from her" Amy replied and laughed, me and the boys got of the tour bus at a disguise shop, we came back and gave the girls the disguises, they walked into the bathroom to get changed and soon came out looking completely different than before.

"you two ready to go?" I asked them, they nodded there heads and we all walked of the bus together and towards the arena, once we were out of the bus, paparazzi came running over to us with lots of questions about the new girls with us. we finally managed to make our way to the inside of the building. me and the boys had to do a sound check before the fans started to walk in. 


Vicky's POV

i was in a black room and there was no one around me. Then i looked over to the corner of the room, there was someone there,i walked over squinting my eyes and noticed who it was. it was my mum hanging from the ceiling with her neck sliced, it was like i was finding her all over again, the tears rolled down my cheeks. As i turned around i saw a gang of people holding objects in there hands, i looked closer and it was Dad and his gang of friends that sometimes helped him beating me up, i cried more backing up into the corner. i walked into someone. i turned around and saw all one direction hanging from the ceiling too and i couldnt help my tears. 

i shot up out of the position i was, luckily i think Niall had to go to the toilet or something because he wasn't there any more, i looked at the television, i must of only been asleep for a little while because the credits were still rolling on the television screen of the Hunger Games. I was crying and sweating form my Nightmare, i wiped the tears away before any of them came back, just as i did Niall came back into the room and sat down next to me and gave me a small smile. soon every one was coming out of the Kitchen area of the bus and sitting down. Me and Amy had a little conversation then Niall asked me if i was ok because i looked tired still, i asked Amy to quietly tell him that i had a Nightmare and he listened looked over to me and called every one back out into the kitchen area. they had a conversation and looked over to me Amy asked me if i would like to do something with the boys. i was about to say yes but then i remembered that Dad watches the news and would recognize us then kill us all.

 i shook my head and told Amy, she told the boys and they looked shocked, the bus stopped somewhere and the boys got out, they soon came back in and gave me and Amy a few disguises, we left to get them changed as i did i put my hearing aid in, with this i could hear but when i was with Dad i didnt like to put them in. if something was going to happen i preferred not to hear it coming "ready to go?" Niall asked us, this was the first time i had heard Niall speak and i instantly fell in love with his voice, i nodded and we all walked to the O2 arena. once the paps had spotted the boy they all came running over and started asking them questions about who me and Amy were. we eventually got into the arena and the boy had to do a sound check, so me and Amy stood in front of the stage 

'this will be good, i can hear them now' i signed to Amy 

'wait what?' she asked me

'i have these in' i told her showing her the hearing aids 

"how long have you had these?" she asked me normally, i had never heard Amy speak it was weird, i imagined her with a British or american accent but she had a Australian accent it was cool  

'ages. dad got them for me but i told him it didnt work' i smiled at her.she laughed and the music started and the boys started singing Does he know from their new album. i looked up at Niall and smiled as i heard the boys sing with their angelic voices. a couple of minutes past with the boys goofing around and singing their songs with different styles of music. Niall jumped of the stage and ran to me and pulled me up. i sat at the edge of the stage looking at Amy when Niall jumped down beside me, while the boys were figuring out something Niall tried to sign something to me and hesitated knowing he was saying it wrong. i stopped him 'say it normally, i can hear you' i smile and he asked how, i lifted up the hair that covered the hearing aids and he smiled 

"i was trying to say that it wont be fun for you tonight because you will have to stay here or on the tour bus for a couple of hours without hearing anything but, i guess im wrong now" he laughed and i laughed too, his laugh was so contagious and lovable, i wish i could just sit down next to him and hear him laugh all the time. as i though about this i smiled to my self "what?" Niall asked but before i could answer him the boys were behind him laughing 

"she cant hear you Niall. shes deaf, remember?" they asked laughing again, i got up and walked over to the boys laughing and signed to them telling them what i told Niall "what did she say?" they asked looking over to Niall and Niall laughed again. so far this day was getting better and better, it was the first day since my mum died i laughed. 

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