'kidnapped' by one direction

hi. my name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky, now I know you what your thinking "why is she moaning that she has been "Kidnapped" by one direction" well, im not, im just here to tell you that even when you have a lot of crap going on around you, life can still get better. so before you read my story heres a fact about me, im deaf and I have a interpreter with me almost every day she is there from 10 in the morning to 8 at night but she has an 30 minute break every two hours. that's all I can say right now.


6. finding out his birthday

Niall's POV

me and the boys decided that we all should have a break and go to a park or something like that, so I sat on the wall watching Vicky run over to the swing set, a little boy walked over to her and asked her if he could have a go on the swing after her, she got of the swing and helped him on. It was so cute seeing her with liitle kids, I watched the boys wrestle in the sand pit, I laughed and saw Vicky talking to a boy soon I got jealous. why was I feeling jealous? I don't have any feelings for her do I? I walked over to her and flung an arm around her shoulders, she looked up at me and smiled then put her head on my shoulder, I looked over to the boy she was talking to and he was looking at me then at her with a sad look. "ready to go now?" I asked her and she nodded her head

'piggy back?' she asked I nodded my head and she jumped on my back and I ran into the bus with her on her back, I stopped and looked around. the boys where staring at me and her with a big smile and some laughing, I put her down and she walked over to the door of the sleeping area and told me to comeover to her, I looked over at her weirdly but followed and the boys wolf whistled.

"shut up" I looked at them laughing, and they all pretended to zip up there lips

Vicky's POV

as we got into the bus I called Niall over to the sleeping area and heard the boys wolf whistle, I laughed and walked into the speeing area and sat on my bunk "you called me over hear?" Niall asked I looked over to him and smiled

'yeah I did, why didn't anyone tell me your birthday was the same day as mine?' I asked him, he looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes

"because we wanted you to enjoy your birthday" he looked down at his hands, I lifted his head up so he was looking at me

'I would of enjoyed it more knowing I was sharing it with the best person ever' I smiled at him and he smiled back. I gave him the present I had brought him.

"thank you Vicky, it really nice" he told me as he put the bracelet on, it was a fabric one coloured blue on the inside with green lines on the outside of it (he wears this braclet already) he hugged me and we walked out into the main area of the bus and sat down next to eachother

Niall's POV

she gave me a really nice present for my birthday, and she said I was the best person ever. I was starting to get really tired so I went to the sleeping compartments and whent to sleep in my bunk.


"I have wanted to do this since the day at the park" I tell Vicky as she is leaning against the door and im leaning up against it with both hands above each of her souldiers "I wont hurt you like he did" I tell her then start to kiss her passionately, she runs her hand in my blonde hair and wraps her legs around my waist, I walk over to the bed still kissing her soflty yet passionately and lay her on my bed

"Niall, Niall wake up" I hear from outside of the door, I look over to the bedroom door and huff walking over to the door, I open it and I am greeted by a pair of brown eyes

*end of dream*

I huff outloud and look at who woke me from the dream. why was I dreaming that? "Niall mate you ok?" Zayn asked me, I looked over at him and nod my head. I jumped down from the bunk and walked over to Vicky's bunk to see her peacefully sleeping, her lips so plump and perfect. no stop thinking about this, what is going on?

"Vicky wake up love, we need to get ready for another interview today" I huffed she rolled over and fluttered her eyes open and smiled, she was so beautiful. I really need to stop thinking about her like this, its going to drive me insane.

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