'kidnapped' by one direction

hi. my name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky, now I know you what your thinking "why is she moaning that she has been "Kidnapped" by one direction" well, im not, im just here to tell you that even when you have a lot of crap going on around you, life can still get better. so before you read my story heres a fact about me, im deaf and I have a interpreter with me almost every day she is there from 10 in the morning to 8 at night but she has an 30 minute break every two hours. that's all I can say right now.


1. Diary entry gone wrong

Dear Diary,

I don't really know how to do this because this is my first diary, I brought this today, it was a kind of struggle because I didn't have Amy there, Amy is my Interpreter but imsdnigoderjgeoirvdvjt

that's all I got to before my dad grabbed me and dragged me away, I hate being deaf with a abusive dad because he could sneak up on me without me knowing, when mum was alive he was the sweetest man alive, he even learnt sign language for me but now that she's dead hes the meanest man alive, he...rapes me he beats me and stabs me. if your wondering how my mum died its because Dad had a thing happen to him at work and it made him realy angry and something in his mind just exploded and he killed her. 'the marks on you, you say its because you were playing with friends and you fell over ok?' Dad signed to me, I nodded my head before he hit me really hard across the face, he left my room and the door bell whent, I know it was the door bell because the lights were flashing. I walked to the door and opened it up letting Amy in. she smiled and at me and asked about my marks

'I fell over when I was playing with my friends, its nothing' I told her doing what my Dad had told me

'what about your cheek its red?' she asked me, I put my hand up to my cheek and that's when my quick lying brain came back into use, I used to have to always lie to my dad

'its the illness slapcheek, its getting better, I think It will go tomorrow' I told her with a smile on my face, she smiled at me again and said ok, I read Amy's lips and noticed she told my dad that she was taking me to the shops and the park, when dad said yes I huffe out in joy inside, me and Amy left the house and soon got to the park

'so hows school?' Amy asked

'I don't go to school silly, remember, im 19' I laughed at her as she realised her mistake

'OK hows collage' she asked again, I told her I don't go there either and we had a ling conversation about it, then we went shopping I saw a big crowd so I walked over to there and noticed that there was five boys trying to get out, I walked over to them and smiled then told them to follow me, I guess Amy interpreted it for them because they did follow me, soon we were on the other side of the crowed and safely tucked away in a shop, one of them started talking to me, once they had finished I looked over to Amy 'how did you get us away out of that lot, you look so fragile but yet you oushed them all away'

'when im not at home and not with Amy, sometimes when I am with Amy I go to the Gym and just do weights' I signed and looked at the boys they were looking at me shocked when they realised I was deaf and then looked at Amy when she was telling them what I said they started speaking again so I looked at Amy again

'would you like to go to the Gym with us now?' I looked at the boys and nodded my head, we all set of to the Gym and once we were in there I went straight to the weights and lifted 75 kg once I finished doing them I whent to another one that works on your legs, I looked over and the blonde one was looking at me shocked Amy noticed he was about to say something and ran over to us

'how did you do that set of weights so easily, you are stick thin' I laughed as she interpreted this and shrugged, I changed the weight and started doing that one

Amy's POV

it started of as just another normal day,get up at 9 AM and get to Vicky's at 10, I knocked on the door and she was covered in bruises and had a red cheek like some one has slapped her, I have never liked coming to the house, something about her dad gives me the hebie jebie's, when I asked Vicky what was the marks she told me that she fell when she was with her friends, but these kind of marks cant be made by falling over. then I asked about her cheek as I asked she brought her hand up to her cheek and she told me it was slapcheek, I had a feeling that told me to get out of the house so I told her dad that I was going to take her to the park and shopping. we got to the park and we had a nice chat and then we headed of to the shopping center, once we got there all I could hear was "Niall, take a picture with me"

"harry, sign this"

"Liam are you still dating Sophia"

"Louis, how Is Eleanor?" and

"Zayn congratulations on the engagement" while I was to busy trying to figure it out I noticed Vicky was making her way to the crowd, soon she was pushing her way through and we got to the middle of the crowd and we were stood infront of one direction. she told them to follow her so I told them and they did, not long after Vicky had lead us into a shop and locked the doors. she may be all skin and bones but she Is really strong.

"how did you get us away out of that lot, you look so fragile but yet you oushed them all away" Liam had asked us so I signed it to them, once she was finished I had told them what she said and when I looked at them they looked really shocked "she's deaf?" they asked

"yeah, she was born death" I replied and then they started chatting again and asked her if she wanted to go to the gym with them and she nodded, we headed of to the Gym and once we were there Vicky whent straight over to the weights and pulled up the usuall weight 75kg, once she had finished she whent over to one of the weight machines that work on the legs and I noticed Niall wanted to ask her something, so I ran over.

"how did you do that set of weights so easily, you are stick thin" once he had asked her I interpreted it for her, she shrugged and  laughed then carried on with the machine she was on, I went over to the treadmills, if I wasn't there she would lip read, she was good at doing that. I was just doing a jog when Niall came over to me "can you teach me sign language?" he asked me

"its a very long process to get where I am but yeah I could try" I smiled at him and he smiled back, for the hour of my work before my half an hour break I was teaching Niall sign language and he is a fast learner, we have gone past the numbers, colours and family members, he already knew the alphabet

Niall's POV

I was just about to do some weights when I noticed the girl from before doing a 75kg weight! I was so shocked when I noticed how easy she was lifting it, I really wanted to ask her something but I couldn't because all I knew was the alphabet and I didn't want to spell it all out, just as I was about to leave it and walk away Amy came running over and told me to ask her

"how did you do that set of weights so easily, your are stick thin" as Vicky saw what Amy was interpreting she laughed and shrugged then carried on with the machine she was on, I noticed Amy walked away so I followed her and got onto the treadmill too "Amy? can you teach me sign language?" I asked her

"its a very long process to get where I am but yeah I could try" she smiled at me she was teaching me for almost an hour and told me that I was a very fast learner but she had to have her half and hour break she was telling me about, she walked over to Vick I think was her name, well that's what Amy said her name was. Amy whent over to Vicky and told her that she was going on her break and she nodded her head I was about to go onto the bike machine when I felt someone tap me on my shoulder, I looked around and Vicky was smiling at me

'whats wrong' I think I signed she smiled again and praised me on how well I was doing

'whats your name? how are they?' she spelled for me

'my name is Niall and we are one direction' I told her, this sign language is very hard, she gave out a giggle

'I can lip read, just talk slow' she told me so I told her again very slowly just talking

"Niall, she's deaf she cant hear you so stop trying" Louis laughed

"she told me to, she's a really good lip reader"

'hi Louis' Vicky signed

"what she say?" he asked

"she only said hi" I laughed and he waved at her, she thought for a moment and it looked like an idea came up into her mind, she ran over to Amy and asked her something, Amy ran over the road to a small shop and came back with something in her hand, Vicky soon came back with it 'your one direction?' she had written on it I nodded my head 'I helped you, YAY' she put on it again and laughed and so did I, I asked if I could use the board and she gave it over ti me 'how do you know who we are if you have been death all your life?' I asked her on the board and she was about to write something on it when Amy came in, so she gave me the board and got Amy to interpret it

"I don't know what you guys where talking about but she says that she saw you on the news" she told me laughing, Vicky sat next to me and did a few 'laps' on the bike machine and then when over to a weight machine again, one of those you had to pull up, Vicky was a very thin, fit and strong girl, we have been here about and hour and a half and she has non stop worked out and she hasn't even got one piece of sweat, I was watching her do the weights when her top lifted a little and I saw a scar, she lifted the weight again and I saw it again and noticed it was a stab mark

"Amy, did you know that Vicky has a scar on her abdimon? its a stab scar" I told her, she loked over and her face went pail

"I knew there was more than what she had told me, those bruises cannot be made by falling down with friends" she said to her self "THAT BASTERED" she shouted out load making me jump

"what who?"

"her @?$%£^ dad, he has been abusing her" she was furious I could tell, her hands were in tight balls and her knuckled were white she was about to walk over to Vicky and ask her but I stopped her, a plan had came into my mind

*9 and a half hours later (Vicky's POV)

It was 8 o clock now so that means Vicky is gone and I am escaping to bed so Dad doesn't hurt me I was just about to close my eyes when I saw the door fly open 'im going out clubbing, you stay here and if you have left this room, your joining your bitch of a mother' he told me, I held back the fear and tears and nodded my head, when he left I cried my self to sleep and I was out for until the morning *skiping to waking up* I woke up somewhere that is not my room,i started crying and was shaking my head thinking to my self 'im going to get killed I have left my room im going to get killed' just as I was doing this a arm looped around me which sent me jumping and swinging my arms, I looked around and noticed I accidently slapped Niall in the face

'sorry' I told him sitting down next to him leaning on him I looked up and he was saying it's ok, my mind in the morning is really slow so the 10 minutes I have been awake I noticed he was in the room with me 'he got you too?' I asked him then I remembered he didn't understand me, so I looked down at my feet, he lifted my head up so I was looking at him and he shook his head 'you understand me?' I asked

'kind of, I have been learning from Amy' he told me, he was getting good but he had a few mistakes

'where am I?' I asked him

'on the one direction tour bus' he told me, I looked around and let out a huff of greatfulness

'Amy, Amy is going to knock on the door and hes going to get mad when he finds out im not there' I signed, he had to think about what I signed to him and then got it he shook his head again and I gave him a confused look, he got of the seat and held out his hand, I took it and he took me to the sleeping compartments and pulled a curtain back exposing Amy, I looked up at him and smiled and gave him a hug, I walked back to the main par of the bus with Niall and we sat down on the sofa and watched television

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