The boy next door

Gabrielle Nelson is just a normal New York City girl, but when her mom's job gets moved to the small English town of Holmes Chapel she has to leave the city life for the suburbs. Within minutes of arriving at her new homes, she sees popular heart breaker Harry Styles, her new next door neighbor. What is in store for Gabrielle and Harry? Will Gabrielle's past get in the way? Or is there Friendship, hatred and more?


3. My First Day

After science I went to second period. I had math, ugh. Math class was a bore. My teacher was one of those overly touchy teachers and kept choosing me to answer her questions because I was the new kid. Math sucked. After math it was lunch, since I hadn’t made one new friend, I was so confused of where to sit. I looked around the lunch room for about a minute and then instantly I knew who was who. The tables near the garbage were the losers or socially awkward kids. I hated to be so blunt and rude, but it was true. It didn’t even look like some of them were even talking to one another. Weird. Then you had your nerds. They sat close to them were even talking to one another. Weird. Then you had your nerds. They sat close to the  losers but not close enough. You had your druggies, your feminist group, ghetto kids,  freaks,Goths, and a couple of middle class kids. Then you had your popular. Ew. They were like celebrities in the high school world. The one thing most of them didn’t realize is that a bad grades and no skill makes their job choices very limited. Most of the girls would probably be strippers while the guys pimps or working at McDonald's. I was analyzing the room when I felt a hand on my lower back. I quickly turned around and slapped the guy on the face.

“Ouch” Harry said with his hand to his face.

“Don’t fucking touch me next time” I said smiling.

“Sit with us.” He said smiling and motioning to the table where the popular kids were sitting.

“I’d rather not, I’m not very Chanel” I said jokingly.

“You’re name would state otherwise.” He remarked. “See you around” then just like that he walked over and sat down.

I didn’t waste any time looking for a seat. I simply went outside and sat underneath a tree. There weren’t too many people and I liked that. I ate my ham and cheese sandwich alone as I watched people socialize. Mostly couples sat outside. Couples were just a constant reminder that I was single.  As I kept watching I noticed a  very cute Gothic couple sitting on a wall that was covered in graffiti, they werewriting something on the wall. Then there was the bitchy couple.  He was probably only dating her because she was “hot”. He looked pretty miserable. Then there was the misfit couple. The guy looked like a nerd, while the girl looked like a debate team geek. They looked like they belonged. I didn’t mind couples that were actually good together but the popular kid couples just pissed me off. The weirdest thing about popular kids is that they only date popular kids. Why is that? Some of them don’t even make good couples but they date because there popular. It makes no sense. Only in movies did the popular guy take interest in the nerdy girl. Unfortunately, I’m not in a movie. I heard the bell ring and headed off to class. Music, finally something I enjoy. I was one of the first to arrive, which was a first. I took a seat at the back of the class. Then I saw Harry walk in. Ugh, so it was the first day and I already had two classes with him. He took the seat  right next to me. Great. That’s when the teacher started talking. 

“Hello class, my name is Ms.Ciella and I’m your music teacher.” She said to the class with a smile.  She seemed like one of those people that if she was smiling you instantly wanted to smile to.

“She’s my favorite teacher.” Harry said to me leaning in close.

“Good for you.” I said coldly back. He just chuckled. What the fuck is wrong with this kid?

“Now class for your first assignment, you have to choose a partner and sing a song together as
a duet. This is just for me to see where you are at singing wise and how well you get along with others.” Ms.Ciella and all the other teachers seemed really keen on starting work ASAP.

Instantly as if on cue, everyone scattered and started picking partners. Harry sat still next to me. A blonde boy walked up to Harry. I had seen them sitting together earlier, shocker, he was hot and popular too.

“Wanna work together Haz? He asked.

“I can’t I'm working with Brie.” He said looking back at me and pointing.

“Okay, I’ll try to work with Eleanor then.” He said then just like that walked away.

“Did I say I was going to be your partner Harry?” I said looking at him angrily.

“No, but everyone else is taken, so unless you wanna do a duet with yourself, which is kinda impossible since duet means two people singing, then I suggest you shut up and just be my partner.” He replied then turned away. Fucking sassy. The class passed by quickly and the bell rang. Ugh, I had P.E next.

“What class do you have next?” Harry asked.

“P.E” I replied picking up my backpack.

“I’ll walk you there, I have P.E too.” He replied waiting for me to stand up. Which I did. I was in no position to not let him help me find my next class. 

“So, is gym co-ed?” I asked.

“No, we share the field and the gym when we have to but it’s mostly boys in one area, girls in another.” He said looking down. Wtf, this kid was so bi-polar. We reached what I assumed to be the girls locker room.

“Here’s the locker room, the gym is right across as you can see.” He said pointing to the two big doors. “Don’t hurt yourself.” Then he walked away.

Don’t hurt myself, ha as if. Then again, I was a pretty big klutz. I quickly slipped into my gym  clothes and went to the gym. I sat down and then more girls started walking in. Finally the boysstarted walking in. I saw Harry in dark blue shorts and a white t-shirt. He looked hot. No wait,  ugh, I can’t even deny it, he looked so sexy. He noticed me staring and winked at me. Why was he so flirty? Another girl noticed it and gave me a look. Yikes, note to self, don’t piss off this bitch. The gym teachers walked in and explained the usual. I wasn’t listing, neither was Harry because when I looked over, he was staring at me. I quickly turned away and looked back to see him smirking. Fuck. Does he know that I think he’s hot? No he’s still not my type. Popular Jerk. For today’s gym class, we had to run 10 laps around the field and then the guys were to play soccer, while  the girls had to play basketball in the gym. I started running, but all the other girls ran together while I was running alone. I was really regretting my gym clothes choice, my lululemon shorts were good for dance class, but a little too short for running, not to mention my t-shirt was a tight pink v neck. Stupid me, I stood out so much. Not to mention my pink and purple Nike’s. Everyone else was wearing black, blue or white. I didn’t get the memo. 

“Hey loner.” Harry said as he started running next to me.

“Wow, aren’t you full of compliments.” When I said that he smirked.

“You look really hot. The shorts show off your ass and that top makes your girls look amazing.” He said laughing.

“Shut up and fuck you.” I said as I punched his arm. It made him laugh more.

“You wanted a compliment.” He replied still laughing.

“Not the compliment I was looking for.” I said rolling my eyes, but I couldn’t help but smirk a little, he noticed it of course.

“I’ll see you around.” He said running a little faster. Just like that he left me running alone again. Ha, no fucking way. I started to run faster; I caught up to him and started to pass him. 

“No, I’ll see you around.” I said running past him and winking.

Then he started to catch up to me, but I was a good runner so I kept my pace. By the end of the 10 laps, me and Harry had both finished first because we were trying to beat each other.

 “You’re a good runner” He said laughing.

“I know.” I said smiling.

“Let’s go get some water” He said walking into the building. I followed.

He took a quick drink from the fountain then let me go. As I was drinking I felt his hands go on my hips.  What the fuck. I turned around and he was staring at my lips. He was about to kiss me when I turned my head to the side, making him kiss my cheek. 

“You’re going to kiss me one day” He said slowly licking his lips and walking away. Ha, yeah right. Then he walked out the doors back outside. Wait, shit. Now I wanted him to kiss me. Fuck. Why am I so difficult? Oh, right. I’m probably another hump and dump for him. Not this time Harry, I will never fall for you. Nope. I immediately erased all my thoughts of Harry, it didn’t last very long though because the boys had started playing soccer and he was shirtless. Fuck. He had these perfect abs and probably the nicest arms ever. After school was over, I walked home. Alone. No Harry. Weird, we live right next to each other, so I thought he might and try to pull another stunt. But he didn’t, I was kind of disappointed, even though I couldn’t like Harry, flirting with him was fun. When I got home I walked upstairs and went straight to my room. I started to change and took off my top. I was about to take off my pants when I looked out the window and saw Harry waving  I screamed and dropped to the floor. I quickly picked up my top and put it back on. Then I got up and went to the window. Harry had a piece of paper with writing on it. It said,

Nice ;)

Asshole! I quickly slammed the window shut and closed the curtains. Why did I always find a way to embarrass myself?

Notes: Do you like it so far? Harry is getting flirty I see. No one can stop the flirt master!!!

P.s: On the  bottom is an image of Harry Styles.














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