Four years ago, at seventeen years old, Katrina Burke was madly in love. Until her relationship with eighteen year old Justin Bieber became abusive. Not even a year later, at eighteen years old, Katrina ran. At first she'd thought it was a good idea, but when she found out she was pregnant with Justin's child, her life became even more troubled and twisted. Now, at twenty-one, Katrina's life is good. She has a great job, a nice place to stay, and a beautiful three year old daughter named Camryn. Everything is perfect until a certain someone comes into her life again, ready to show her how much he's changed.
© 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


8. Chapter 7

The sharp knock I heard at the door made me flinch. I didn't expect anyone so I was a little afraid to open the door. But me being my curious self, I went up to answer it. 

I swung the door open to meet the face I was trying to get away from. 

I stood there frozen. I was shocked he would follow me home plus I was angry at him. He looked back at me with a face I couldn't read. 

"C-Can we please talk?" He broke the silence while rubbing his hands on his jeans. 

I just blinked as the anger came back and hit me like a tidal wave. 
"I didn't really want to speak to you right now." I said calmly through gritted teeth before trying to shut the door. But he put his foot there to stop it. 

"Kat, please." He begged looking at me with pleading eyes knowing I couldn't say no to. 

I sighed before letting my tight grip of the door loosen. I walked over to the living room where Justin was shortly after he closed the door. 

"You just left out the house so suddenly…I-I just wanted to see if you were ok." Justin said nervously as he stood a few meters away. 

"Since when have you cared?" I spat at him while glaring. He seemed taken back by my comment. 

"Kat, I've always cared about you…" he stated. 

"Oh right Justin." I scoffed sarcastically. 

I knew I was pushing his buttons. I knew exactly what they were. I couldn't stand him being so cool and collected while I was as angry. 

"It's not a lie." He said sharply. 

"How do you expect me to believe that Justin. The last time I saw you you could careless if anything happened to me!" I exclaimed. I glared at him and crossed my arms. 

"I know it seemed that way. And I'm sorry for that Kat. But if I didn't care why would I be here?" He shot back. 

It left me quiet. He did have a point. Greg lives quite some time away. I don't think anybody would follow someone home if they didn't care. 

"Look, I didn't come here to fight." He sighed before taking a seat on the couch I was sitting on. "I just didn't like seeing you walk out there so fast." 

"What did you want to come here and talk about?" I asked changing the subject. I didn't want to explain to him why I walked out there so fast. 

"I'm not going to stop fighting for her Kat." He told me firmly. 

I sighed putting my head in my hands. Of course that's why he's here. That was bullshit about how he cared. 

"That doesn't change my decision." I stated before standing up and walking to the kitchen. 

"Katrina I deserve a change with her at least. She not just your daughter." He stated hot on my tail as I walked into the kitchen. 

"What makes you think you deserve a chance with her Justin? Even better what makes you think that you have a right to even call her your daughter? It's been just her and I for three years and look around. I think we've done a great job." I shot back while gripping into the counter tightly. 

"I haven't been in her life for three years Kat. And trust me I remember you're birthday night as much as you remember it." He said back with a evil smirk placed on his lips. 

Just the mention of that night made me blush. Even though I was angry that was a night I would never forget. 

"She at least deserves to get to know me." He continued after a moment of silence.  

"Justin I don't trust you at all. And I don't want her to experience everything I went through if you go through a tough time." I said with tears brimming my eyes just thinking about it.  

He looked down at the floor obviously ashamed of himself.

"Kat I swear to you that everything that happened four years ago was four years ago. I'm a better man now." He told me looking straight into my eyes.  

I could tell he wasn't lying but I just didn't want to risk it. I promised myself that I would never let her around him if I ever saw his face again. 

"Justin… I-I don't know." I sighed. Just somewhere in me it felt wrong for Justin to be able to see Camryn. 

"Kat I'm begging you. I need to be apart of her life." He pleaded his eyes filling with tears. 

He walked a over to where I was standing and grabbed my hands in his. I warm and soft feeling I felt from his hands sent my body into a frenzy. I couldn't help the butterflies that erupted in my stomach. It was just like our teenage years again. 

I liked the feeling and didn't want it to go away. 

"You can watch me with her. I don't care I just-" he started but was cut off by my lips attacking his. 

I didn't know what came over me. Just the feeling of his hands made me feel like I was 18 again before the bad stuff happened. I needed to know how his lips felt again. I missed what we had…I hate to admit it but I do. 

Justin was surprised at first. He  gasped and jumped back a little. Then after so time he slowly started to kiss back. He seemed hesitant as I felt his lips move against mine. That's what brought me back to reality. 

I quickly let go of his lips. I backed up noticing the damage that I had just  done. 

"Oh my god." I breathed out covering my mouth in surprise. "Did I really just do that?" 

Why couldn't I just control myself? 

"I-I'm sorry Justin. I don't know what came-" I started. 

"It's fine. Let's just act like it never happened." He shook his head before taking a few more steps away from me. 

"About the Camryn thing-" I was cut off once again by him. 

"I need to go. W-We can talk about it later." He said quickly and very nervously. 

Before I could open my mouth again, he was out the door in a blink of an eye. 

What have I done? 

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