Four years ago, at seventeen years old, Katrina Burke was madly in love. Until her relationship with eighteen year old Justin Bieber became abusive. Not even a year later, at eighteen years old, Katrina ran. At first she'd thought it was a good idea, but when she found out she was pregnant with Justin's child, her life became even more troubled and twisted. Now, at twenty-one, Katrina's life is good. She has a great job, a nice place to stay, and a beautiful three year old daughter named Camryn. Everything is perfect until a certain someone comes into her life again, ready to show her how much he's changed.
© 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


6. Chapter 5

Walking into work the next day I decided I was going to act like nothing happened last night and try to avoid Justin as much as I could. All of this happening all of a sudden is making my walls around my heart break down faster than it took putting them up. I had to remember Justin is a monster who will only hurt me the more I get close to him. No matter how much I love him. 

"Good morning Katrina!" Greg exclaimed as I brought him his morning coffee and paperwork from his mailbox. 

"Good morning sir." I smiled at him as he glared at me while taking the things out of my hands. 

"You are to polite for your own good." He muttered shaking his head before laughing. "How's that little angel doing? Carson and Chloe miss her dearly." He said while ushering me to sit down with him at his desk. 

Carson and Chloe are his 4 year old twins. Greg always invited Camryn and I to dinners at his house with his lovely family. Which I personally think is overly nice but Greg has been my boss for almost four years and he is really fond of us. But I don't mind. 

"I know Camryn misses them too. She always talks about play dates with Chloe." I laughed. Chloe and Camryn are inseparable when you put them together. They always were since they were infants. 

"We are having another dinner on Friday. Rachael and Abby would love for you to be there." Greg did his persuading smile. He always did that because he knew I couldn't say no to his family. 

"Ok ok." I sighed, holding my hands up in defeat. 

"Oh! How could I forget? Justin the new marketer is going to be there. Hopefully you guys could warm up more to each other outside of work." He smiled taking a sip of his coffee. 

I internally scoffed and let out a whimper but I just smiled at Greg with a nod. I wouldn't let him get suspicious about Justin and my past. 

"Could you deliver these papers to him for me and verbal give him the offer." He said as more of a statement than a question; after all he was my boss. 

"Yes of course." I said inwardly sighing. 

"Great." Greg smiled handing me the paper before his work phone started to ring. 

Stepping out if Greg's office I let out a groan. Everything I was trying to do Greg just ruined. But how could I have been so stupid? I couldn't ignore him! He's in my department and my boss seems to like him a lot. So I'll probably be seeing him a little more than my liking. 

After thinking I didn't notice that I was now in front of his office door. I rolled my eyes before hesitantly knocking. 

Seconds later Justin answered the door with a confused yet happy look on his face. 
"Kat." He breathed out. 

"Good morning. May I come in?" I asked in a monotone voice. 

A look of disappointment washed through is eyes for a second before he blinked it away and moving aside so I could enter his office. 

"Mr. McClary wanted me to give you this paperwork." I muttered not ever meeting is eyes. I felt Justin take the paper and mutter a thank you before placing it on his desk. "Also he wanted me to invite you to a dinner at his home this Friday." 

"So you're asking me on a date?" Justin asked in an amused tone. I quickly snapped my gaze to him, giving him a glare. 

"That's not what I meant, Mr. McClary invited you. He just wanted me to deliver the message." I said through gritted teeth. 

"Ah I see." Justin said while relaxing in his office chair. "Are you going?" 

"I don't see why that's important or any of your business with all due respect." I told him in the nicest way I could put. 

"You're right." He muttered with a weak smile before looking over the papers I just delivered. "I'll look over the papers." He added. 

I got out my seat sending him a curt nod before walking towards the door. 

"Wait." Justin said softly rubbing his head in his hands. "Can we please talk about yesterday." 

Shit shit shit shit. I froze right there. 

"Please Kat." He pleaded looking at me with sad eyes as if he was about to cry. I sighed giving in before spinning on my heels to sit down. I took the seat right in front if him. 

"I couldn't stop thinking about Camryn after you told me she was mine." He started looking down. "She seems like such a great little girl." He chuckled. 

I nodded urging him to continue. 

"I know I don't deserve it with everything I put you through but I would love it so much if I could get to know her." He sighed finally looking up at me. 

I just stared at him with a blank expression. I didn't know what to say. He was Camryn's father but I promised myself if I ever see him again I could never let him touch her ever his long sad life. 

But I didn't expect him to be so different. 

"Justin…that's a lot to ask for." I breathed rubbing my face with my hands. 
"I-I know Kat but I've already missed three years of her life. I don't know if I can miss anymore." He told me shaking his head. "I know I've made mistakes in the past that will haunt me for the rest of my life-" 

"I don't want you around her Justin." I blurted. It was very blunt and harsh but it was the truth. 

He stopped mid sentence and looked at me with his mouth hung open. He looked shocked at what I just said. Just at the bluntness. But I felt a pang in my heart once I saw his head drop and tears escape his eyes. 

"I understand where you're coming from." He said softly almost to the that I couldn't hear him. 

I wanted to go over him and hug him tightly and just tell him I was sorry and I didn't mean it. 

"Justin-" I tried. 

"I really need you to get out right now." Justin croaked not in a vicious way but as a polite warning. I nodded before quickly walking out of his office. 

I couldn't help but feel guilty walking out of his office. He was trying to explain and convince me and I just shut him down in the meanest way. 

But it was for Camryn's sake I just don't want her to see Justin's real personality without this whole nice guy act. I still believe that cold heartless man is still in him somewhere. 

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