Four years ago, at seventeen years old, Katrina Burke was madly in love. Until her relationship with eighteen year old Justin Bieber became abusive. Not even a year later, at eighteen years old, Katrina ran. At first she'd thought it was a good idea, but when she found out she was pregnant with Justin's child, her life became even more troubled and twisted. Now, at twenty-one, Katrina's life is good. She has a great job, a nice place to stay, and a beautiful three year old daughter named Camryn. Everything is perfect until a certain someone comes into her life again, ready to show her how much he's changed.
© 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


12. Chapter 11

"Mommy?" We heard Cammy groan while lifting her head off the couch. In an instant Justin and I both pulled away from our hug. 

"Hey baby how you feeling?" I asked quickly walking over to her and stroking her brown curls lightly. 

"Better but I'm hungry." She whined while sitting up full way. She looked around the room a little lost before her eyes went to Justin. Her eyes widen and a gasp escaped her lips. 
"JUSTY!" She squeaked climbing off the couch and running full speed to him. 

"Whoa calm down a little Cam." He chuckled while scooping her up in his arms. She giggled as he planted a kiss on her cheek. I couldn't help but think how nice it would be if Justin lived here with us. "What about you Kitty Kat? You hungry like Cam and I because we are starved." Justin asked with a smirk played on his lips. 

"Kitty Kat?" Camryn repeated in confusion. I looked to Justin too see how he was going to explain this one to her. 
"Its what I call mommy sweetie."Justin chuckled slightly bouncing Cam in his arms. 

She let out a few squeals and giggles before answering "You're silly Justy." 

"Lets go to your favorite restaurant Cam." I interfered while grabbing mine and Camryn's jackets. Justin gently set Camryn down before taking her jacket from me and wrapping Camryn up. I smiled before heading to the door so I could get the car warm. 


"Jeffery the Giraffe's fun castle?" Justin read the huge red sign on the building in more of a question. He furrowed his eyebrows as a amused smile played on his lips. 

"Yay!" Camryn exclaimed while throwing her hands up in the air. I laughed before turning off the car. By the time she stepped out Justin was at closing the back door and holding Camryn's hand. 

"I could get used to this." I muttered to myself with a happy sigh before following a overly excited Camryn and Justin to the door.

"What are you getting?" Justin grinned at Cam while lightly tapping her nose.

"Chicken fingas!" She giggled like it was the most obviously thing. 

"What about you Kat?" Justin's gaze slowly met mine making me smile. I know it's selfish but I was happy that he was finally paying attention to her again. 

"I always get there cheeseburgers." I shrugged putting my menu down and Cam's knowing that she can't read most of it.  

"Sounds good to me." He grinned setting his menu down with the rest of them.

Not long after a waitress came to are table. She wore her uniform like it was a few sizes too small with her books on full display while smacking on her gum. Just by the sight of her I wanted to close Camryn's eyes. She looked towards Justin and instant changed her posture. She stood up tall so her books were pushed out more. 

"Hey I'm Ava, I taking your orders." She said with seduction clear in her tone. Justin was playing with Camryn but quickly snapped his gaze to the waitress sending her a warm smile. The slowly came down to Justin's face and whispered "And I mean all of them." 

"Hi we would like to have an order of chicken fingers, A cheeseburger- and what did you want justin?" I quickly interfered before anything truly revolting happens in front of my daughter. 

The waitress sent me a deadly glare before turning her attention back to Justin. 
"Just another cheeseburger thank you." He answered oblivious to the waitress' flirting. She was taken back by he's tone in response before writing everything down and leaving. 

"Mommy can I go play?" Cammy asked anxiously shaking her whole body in excitement. 

"Sure baby." I answered because I had to talk to Justin anyway. In a flash Cam was already out of the booth and on her way to the fun tower as she calls it. 

"Justin I can't let you quit your job." I sighed turning towards him. 

"Kat I can always find another-" Justin started 

"But didn't it take you while just to find this one?" I asked in confusion. He told me he was still looking for a job and it's been almost four years. So how does he expect to get another job so quickly?

"Yes and no." He answered. I nodded my head urging for him to continue. "Well for the first year in was trying to get over you. So that was a lot of drinking and women. The next two was getting therapy. Then I found this job within a couple of months." He explained. 

It made sense but at the same time I could tell there were some pieces missing to the puzzle. Therapy for harassment only takes six to eight months. So what the hell was he doing in therapy for so long? 

Before I could question Justin anymore Camryn cam running back to the table. She took her seat next to Justin looking warn out. Her face was all flustered and she was chugging her Apple juice. 

"You're stinky." Justin joked with Camryn while crunching up his nose and waving his hand back and forth around it. She started to laugh histerically. 

At this moment I didn't care about Justin's past or what he was hiding. I still smiled no matter at what place my mind was because at the end of the day, Justin would be the best father I could ask for, for Camryn.

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