Suicidal days

True story about my suicidal days. No one knew but now i tell my story.


1. The days it began

2010/11/12/13. Year five/six/seven/eight 9/10/11/12 years of age.

It was primary. Who'd have ever thought a ten year old would self harm, starve them self and have an eating disorder. No it didn't happen for attention no one knew for three years. I was getting bullied. That's how it began. It was the worst days of my life. Yet everyone had said to me. Make the most of primary when you leave you will miss it, they are the best days of your life. Yet now i love my life so much more. It was the worst. They were so mean. Physically and verbally abusive. I still have bruises and scars on my skin and holes in my heart. You could never imagine how bad it was. Texts at night threatening me and telling me all this shit. The teachers didn't even care. Telling me 'don't worry rebecca it will get better'. But it was all lies. I did worry. I cried myself to sleep. I couldn't find a way to stop being so upset. It just got worse by the day. Not even my parents cared. Infact although I had so much proof they didn't even believe me.

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