He changed my life

This story is about Adriana, and she loves One Direction, Will Harry being a judge on xfactor change her life?


3. The best day ever!

I start to play the chords and Sing Skyscraper

~After the song~   Everyone cheers and yells and claps! omg!!!! 'That was the best voice I have ever heard!'~Simon ' 'Thanks'-I say with the biggest smile ever possible `skip the comments` Votes: Simon~Its a yes for me, Demi~Its a big fat yes, Nichole~Absalutely yes----Harry: You have an amazing voice! I say its a Yes!'  'Than you guys so much!' I say when I hear a scream.. There my Little sister Jasmine comes running to me on stage while everyone `aws`, Jazz and I go backstage and we both head home. 

Jazz and I celebrated by going to our favorite restraunt.

The next day...

*Boot Camp* 

First up...Sara Colemon. 'I'm going to be singing  Little things..Is that okay?' 'Any song you want love'~Harry I sing the song and everyone cheers for me...except this one girl,she looks oddly familiar :| . She was giving me dirty looks and as soon as she was called, I completely froze in my spot, It was the girl who always made things hard on me, and telling me that every member of One Direction will say im a disgusting whore. As soon as the Boot Camp was over Harry called me over and led my back into a room. 'Yes?' Outside I was calm n stuff but inside I was Jumping and Screaming because of the excitement, Talking to THE Harry Styles. 'Why all of a sudden when we called Camiellia, you looked away from everything and got a scared look in your eye?'



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