He changed my life

This story is about Adriana, and she loves One Direction, Will Harry being a judge on xfactor change her life?


2. Chapter One

Sara's Pov

It has been a day since my parents died in a car crash and I am taking care of my sister (5 year old Jasmine <3) We are both going through a rough time but we are alright. I wake up in the morning not wanting to go to school and I go get ready. (High waisted shorts with orange crop top along with a pair of converse) I straighten my wavy hair letting it loose and did my normal morning routine. I get in my car with my sister and drive her off to daycare. I drop her off and drive to school,on my way I stopped ti get an ice coffee from Starbucks (Caramel Frapp. XD). I go to school and go straight to my locker and since im early, I put on some One Direction Music. One Direction was my parents Fav. too,Every time I hear their music I tend to sing along. My parents always have said I have an amazing voice and that I should be on The X Factor. Since I  want to keep my parents proud,I''ll sign up! Once the day was over, I went to pick up my sister and so yea. Once I got to the daycare I picked her up and we drove home. 'Jasmine' 'yea sis?' 'you know how mommy and daddy wanted me to go on The X Factor?' She nodded 'Well, Im going to do it for us,for them!' 'YAAAAAAAY' she shouts.

Once we arrived at the house We ran inside and quickly signed up. Im scheduled to go tomorrow!!!

I quickly pick out what I will wear: Black high waisted shorts with a One Direction t-shirt tucked in along with some black ankle high heel boots. The night went by fast, I cooked dinner and Jazz (nickname) ate and went to bed with me.

*The next Day-Skip school cx*

I quickly get ready and let my hair loose down my back. I get Jazz ready,and we head off to the X factor studio. I set her down backstage as I was called to be next after the act that was performing.

I decided to sing Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.So when it was my turn I gave Jazz a big hug and went out on stage I saw the 4 judges: Simon,Demi,Nichole,and Omfg Harry Styles was the guest judge. 

Hi there-Says Demi   Hi-I say 'Whats your name?' 'My name is Sara' 'And why are you here today?'   'Well,My parents died in a huge car crash 2 days ago so..'I looked up trying not to cry and carried on 'So i'm here because I need the money to pay for the house and for the bills,and also because I have a younger sister,Jasmine. I don't want the money to buy anything I want or to be selfish, I just need it to take care of my Sister' I say while I let a few tears slip ' Aww, I'm really sorry.' 'It's okay.' ' So what song are you going to sing for us today?' -Harry speaks 'I'm going to sing Skyscraper,but is it okay if I play the piano?' 'Sure.' I open my mouth to sing and eventually, I start singing.

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