You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


9. Chapter 9


"Psssst. Niall." Someone says, waking me up. I am way to tired to open up my eyes so i still act like i'm sleeping.

"What!?" Niall asks, sitting up slightly.

"Go into James room." Greg I'm assuming, said.

"Whyyyy?" He wined stretching out the y's.

"Parents woke up and they are coming soon! They will flip if they find you two were sleeping in the same bed."

"Why?" Niall repeats himself. "Like you guys say, i'm like her brother." He said toughing my side.

"People say that about me, and James cause he actually is. Niall you haven't talked to her in three years! No offense but everyone knows you guys aren't close anymore. Heck, you ignored her the last year you were here before you left!"

"Yeah but were friends now." He says trying to defend himself.

"What? Now that she is a skinny model!" Greg raises his voice.

I new most people just used me for that, but i thought Niall was different. I guess i thought wrong.

"N... No i ju-"

"Save it Niall their is no way out! You think you can just come back and win her over?" He says even louder, almost screaming.

"I just want to show her i have changed." He says almost in a whisper.

"Niall she has changed too! Shes not the same outgoing girl she was as a kid!" Greg yells again.

"I can change her back." He says with confidents.

Greg laughs a rudely before responding. "Why in the world would she open up to the one person who made her change!?" He says loudly and harshly.

Wait. How does Greg know about the day Niall left? Surely thats what he has to be talking about cause its true. The day Niall left was the day i changed, he was the resin i changed. Still, i have not told anyone about that night so how does he know?

"What?" Niall asks obviously confused.

"You wanna know why she is so skinny?" Dont say it Greg, i swear i-

"Shes anorexic Niall, shes fucken anorexic! Shes even thrown up a few times! she was getting better, but i think she is going under again." He started off yelling then got softer.

I cant believe he just told Niall! Guess who is getting the silent treatment for the next week.

"I'm sorry, i didn't kn-"

"BullShit! Your the resin she started! Right before you left what you said to her broke her! And now that your back thats probably why its happening again!" He says in realization. "You either help her or you cant see her, its for her own health.

"What did i say to broke her?" Niall said sounding like he is in his own world.

"Why dont you ask her." Greg said pointing to me.

I opened my eyes when Greg told Niall, they have not noticed tell now. Greg is leaving and Niall is now looking at me with worried eyes.

He is not wearing a shirt. Why isn't he wearing a shirt? Was he not wearing one when we went to bed? I know probably look like a freak staring at his chest. But he does has not noticed so i quick look back to his eyes.

"Hi." I say awkwardly

"How much did you here?" He asks.

"All of it." I look down.

"What did i do?" Wow he does not waist anytime.

"I liked you, the whole last year you were here."

"And i ignored you that time. I am so stupid!" He puts his face in his hands.

"No its okay, i was a kid its fine." I say trying to make my self sound less stupid.

"What els did i do?"

"What?" I ask

"Come on, you could not have became anorexic just cause of me ignoring you."

"Well you remember the day you left?" I say annoyed i have to relive the dreadful, embracing day.

"Yeah?" Obviously he does not remember what he said so i have to repeat it.

"I told you i liked you. Then you called me fat and ugly and yeah." I say slowly, trying not to cry.

"I am so sorry!" He says hugging me, really tight.

"Why are you smiling?" I say laughing once he let go.

"Cause i feel better cause i dont remember that at all. I mean its bad i dont, but i dont think i could live with my self if i remembered."

"Its fine."

"I hope we can still be friends?"

"Of course, we already are! You are not full of yourself anymore and you dont remember saying those things, so at least you did not live with that for three years. But why did you not talk to me?" I ask the question i have been dying to know.

"Well i guess we weren't close when i left was the big part. And you never came up when James and Greg did."

It was true, James and Greg saw him a lot and aways asked me to go with them. So i guess it was not all his fault.

"Sorry." I mutter.

"Its okay." He says moving a hair out of my face.

"Since were already friends. Maybe we could go further." He says putting his face right in front of mine.

What is he saying? I just got okay with the fact that he is back and now i have no idea what he is doing. Scratch that i do know. He is trying to kiss me.

"Like best friends?" I try to joke, backing up so my back is against the head of the bed.

"Not exactly." He smirks, crawling up so he is straddling me and his face is right back where it was.

He closes his eyes and was about to move forward. To my surprise, i was about to do the same! Until i remembered someone.

"Sam. My boyfriend." I say looking down to the side so he could not kiss me.

"But i'm Niall Horan!" He says standing up. I just shake my head as he mad and turns around.

"Wait!" I say as he was touching the doorknob. He turns around with a little bit of hope in his eyes.

"You got a little cocky under your chin." I smirk as he huffs and storms out of the room.

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