You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


7. Chapter 7

The car ride back home was boring. I was sitting in the back with Sam holding hands, but all three of the boys were just talking the whole time.

I got my duffle bag and was about to go up to my room.

"What are you guys doing tonight?" Niall asks my parents and his, who our sitting around the kitchen table.

"Were having a movie night." My mom says, snuggling up to my dad as Maura does the same.

"Ewwww." Us four say in unison.

"Then we should just go hang at your house tonight!" James says to Niall.

"No go do something productive!" My dad says to us.

"We were going to see a movie." I say.

"Close enough." Bobby, Niall's dad laughs.

"Could they come over and sleepover after then?" Niall asks his parents.

"You guys were all over their last night." My mom try's to be polite.

"Then go over to their houses." James shrugs.

"But we got the home theater." My mom points out. It was true. Both of our family wanted a home theater and a pool, so we got the theater and they have the pool, we just share both.

"Then what our we suppose to do?" I whine.

"They can sleep at ours its fine." Maura suggests.

"Niall James and Sam can sleep in Niall's room. Brooke can sleep in Greg's room, and Greg and Denise can sleep in our room, they will be home late anyway." Bobby says.

"We will sleep in the theater room with you." My dad suggests.

The theater in our house is pretty big. It's just a huge wall with a real movie theater screen, and a bunch of couches diagonal from each other. It is weird that our parents will be sleeping in their tonight since thats where we usually have sleepovers. They never grow up.

"Well were going to go now, see you tomorrow." James says, obviously creeped out as we all walk out side, cross the street and into Niall's house.

"I am taking one first!" James yells then runs upstairs.

"Do you have another one i could use?" Sam asks Niall.

"We have one more down here, but you can't use it at the same time, unless you want to freeze." Niall says sassily and rolls his eyes.

"Okay." Sam chirps, obviously not catching Niall's rude gestures.

"Were going up to Greg's rooms." I mutter, wanting to stop the awkwardness, as i drag Sam upstairs with me.

Sam sits at the end of the bed with a smirk on his face.

"I look terrible after cheerleading." I say covering my face with my hands.

"You look sexy in your uniform." He says moving my hands and pulling my so i'm standing in between his legs.

"Why were you so shy around my parents?" I ask running my hand threw his short dark drown wavy hair.

"I want them to like me! And its even harder with four!" He jokes including Niall's parents who he sees a lot to when he's with James and me.

"Your fine, i want you to be yourself." I remind him.

"I want your lips." He says in a low tone while reaching up to mine.

I slowly move mine with his for a while before he pushes us back on the bed so i am on top of him, with my elbows for support.

After a while it gets more heated as our tongues graze each other and my hands go under his shirt, feeling his stomach.

He was about to take off my shirt when the door opened.

I pull down my shirt and his as we both look back at the door.

"James is done." Niall says in a really high voice before walking a way, leaving the door open.

Sam gets up and was about to walk out the door.

"Wait!" I stop him. "So you dont care he just saw us?" I say confused.

He just shrugs. "I known him for a day, but he seems cool." He keeps walking completely out of my sight.

Only if he new Niall was already not that fond of him.

I decide i better get ready too.

"I am going to get ready at my house. I will come over when i am done." I say as i take a slight step into Niall's room.

"Hurry up." James says who is sitting next to Niall on his bed with wet hair.

Niall does not say anything. He has not looked up from the ground since i walked in. He looks... sad? Why would he be sad? I mean i get if he would be weirded out, but why does he look like a lost puppy? I am just glad he obviously did not tell James, i would not here the end of it.

I get out of that room as quickly as i can and run across the street. I run up the stairs to my room being unnoticed by my parents who our still in the kitchen.

I take a quick shower, and put on some powder, mascara and lip gloss. I blow dry my hair and comb it, and it naturally falls into its usual straight place. I am lucky i have naturally straight hair, it saves so much time.

I was almost out the door when someone calls me from behind.

"Brooke, can i speak with you for a second?" Maura asks leading my upstairs.

"Whats up?" I ask as she closes the door to my bedroom.

"Greg told me you have not eaten much this past week." She says quietly.

"I am sorry, its the last week of school, we have state for cheerleading this weekend, i am just nervous." I say trying to think of resins i have not been eating that much. Even though i know the real reason, but i am not admitting that.

"I know but you still need to eat and stay healthy."

"I know, it's not like before, i am eating... just not much." I hang my head.

"It's fine i know your trying, you just need a little help." I look up curios to what she means.

"I asked Greg to take you out of school for lunch all next week, to make sure you are doing okay." She sighs.

"But next week is the last week!" I say louder.

"I know Brooke. But this is more important. I am sorry but this is happening. Unless you want me to go down stairs and tell your parents who will do much worse." She threatens.

"Fine." I huff standing up, about to leave.

"Hey, i am doing this for your own good. I love you." She says. I can never stay mad at her.

"I love you too." I give a weak smile before leaving.

I head back across the street and run up to Niall's room where three boys with wet hair sit in front of the TV playing some video game.

"Took you long enough." James says pausing the game and standing up.

"Sorry i was talking to Maura." I say as we all head down stairs.

"Why?" Niall looks at me confused.

"You have missed a lot in these 3 years. I have grown close to all your family." I say, even though he does not know the true meaning behind each word.

"STALKER!" He yells while we all get in the car laughing.

Well he is in a better mood.

"What movie are we seeing?" Niall asks at a stoplight.

"Safe Haven." I say snuggling into Sam's arm.

"Funny." James says.

"What?" I ask.

"That you think us 3 guys our going to that movie."

"Lets see Taken 2!" Niall says.

"Yeah!" The three boys cheer.

"Saaaaam!" I say over saying the a. "It was suppose to be our date night."

"I am sorry, we will do it another night." He said kissing my head.

I just lean the other way as the boys again, talk the whole way their.

"He look!" Niall says pointing to his movie.

"Did you guys ever see it?" Niall asks me and Sam.

"No." We both say at the same time as Niall pays our tickets.

"Oh. You should have came with to London." Niall says to me.

Memories come back from last month of me faking sick. Niall invited his family and mine to London to the premier. Everyone went but me and Denise who could not take that long off of school. I just simply was trying to avoid Niall as long as possible. (A/N lets all pretend the movie came out in May.)

"Yeah sorry i was sick." I lie. "You did not have to pay for all our tickets." I point out.

"Its fine." He says as they all get something to eat, Niall paying again.

"Our you sure you dont want anything?"

"No i am fine."

"You should see how many fans he has. I did not realize how famous he is." James tells me as we hand the old man our tickets.

"Their amazing. But its good to be home where i can go places with out being mobbed." Niall comes into the conversation. Most people have none him forever and dont care, or dont care about the band, so i could see why he likes being home. Not that he has been.

We find our seats in the theater, and i prepare my self for 2 hours of misery.

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