You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


5. Chapter 5

"Honey, time to go to school." My mother tries to shake me awake.

"5 more minutes." I mumble before throwing the covers over my head and closing my eyes again.

I don't know how long I was asleep, but I was woken up by the smell of smoke. When I went down stairs, I was met by a scared looking Greg and Denise, and smoke rising from a pan on the stove.

Greg suddenly grabs a towel and tried to bat the smoke away, only causing it to rise faster. Then the beeping started.

"What is that beeping?" Now comes upstairs without a shirt on.

"Greg can't cook." Denise states.

"You just figured that out?" I say while laughing.

"If you guys are done insulting my cooking, could you help me shut this up."

"I got it." James moves over a chair and stands on it. I see him flying and soon the white round object was on the floor, along with James.

"Well at least the beeping stopped." Niall says.

"Yeah, now we just have a broken smoke sensor." Denise sighs.

"Dad will fix that." I say since he works with house repairs.

"Where are the parents?" James asks while standing up.

"It's Friday, they're at work." Niall says, making me panic.

"We have school in half an hour!" I say looking at the clock.

"Or we could just skip today." Greg suggest.

"Mom will flip." I remind him.

"They all went in early and are working late today!"

"Who woke me up?" I ask.

"Me." Denise says.

"Oh I thought it was my mom."

"Same thing." James laughs.

"I'm with Greg, you guys should skip school." Niall says.

"You can't." Denise responds.

"Why?" Greg Wines.

"Soccer practice after school." She reminds them.

"Plus it's Friday, you can survive one more day. I got to go now, I will see you guys at school." Denise says kissing Greg and waving bye.

"Okay! We have less than half an hour to get to school. Everyone meet downstairs in 10." Greg stands up.

"What am I going to do today?" Niall asks him.

"Hang with me during the day I don't have work. You can come to the practice after school and help." Greg says and Niall nods.

"Do you got your practice?" James asks me.

"Yeah." I respond.

"And you say I give them too much practice time!" Greg says to me.

"It's only an hour today, I will come watch you practice after." I say to him.

"Perfect! Then will all do something after."

"Can I borrow some clothes?" James ask Niall.

"Yup." Niall says they had upstairs.

"I'm going to get ready at my house." I sent to Greg.

"Okay, just don't put make up on we don't have much time and you're beautiful already."

"Funny." I say sarcastically heading to the door.

"I love you!" Greg says close the door.

I just shake my head and cross the street before unlocking my door and heading to my room. I take out my contacts and put on some powder and mascara. I would normally put on more but I was not supposed to put any on in the first place. I go to my room and put on a gray and black striped tank top with white shorts and brown sandals.

I brush my teeth and braid my hair to the side while putting on perfume since I did not have time shower. I walk back across the street and hop into James's car as I see them walking out. I looked on the floor and see my cheer bag which has my other practice uniform.

"Get in the back, this is my car." James says as he hops in the passenger seat and Niall gets in the back with me.

"I said no make up." Greg says as he turns around to back out.

"I couldn't find my glasses." I lie.

"Whatever." Greg mutters.

The rest of the way was spent with the boys talking while I was on my phone.

"Have a good day at school." Greg says as we hop out.

"Study hard." Niall mocks says they drive away and we head inside.

"Hey babe." Sam says when we get close.

" Hey boo." James says hugging Sam.

"Shut up." I tell him.

"See you at practice man." James tell Sam before walking away.

" Why are you late?" Sam asks and we had to my locker as the bell rings.

"I'm not." I say pulling out my first period books.

"That was the 2nd bell." Sam informs me. That's why there's barely any kids in the hall.

"Oh well let's go to English." I say sticking out my hand for him to hold.

"Why were you late?" I ask as we began to walk.

"I was waiting for you."

"Awwww." I say kissing his cheek as we stand outside the room.

"Don't we need passes?" He asks.

"It's Denise, were fine." I say heading to the front of the room.

"Get out your homework." She tells the class as I get to her desk.

"What was the homework?" I ask.

"Read chapters 20-30 and answered questions in the packet."

"I finished the book last week."

"You really need to stop working ahead! Now why were you late?"

"Maybe if your boyfriend wasn't so slow the driver, I would've got here on time."

"Maybe if you did not wake up half an hour before school started, you would be here on time."

"If I didn't have cheer practice, I wouldn't be here at all."

"Just go sit out, you and Sam are fine."

I head back to my dad sending Sam a wink. The rest of the morning was boring and it was finally lunch.

I was about to go to the cafeteria when someone pick me up and threw me over their shoulder. I started kicking, but gave up as I knew I was not going to win.

"Where we going?" I asked knowing it was Greg.


"Niall is with us isn't he."


We get into the car where Niall in the passenger seat.

"You know I can drive?" I said as we pull out of the school.

"Yeah, and you suck at it." Greg says.

"Whatever." I mutter and go on Twitter. Soon we pull up Nandos.

"I haven't been here in ages." I says a walk in.

"Me either." Niall mutters.

We are soon placed at a table in the back even though everyone is at school so I hope no one spots him.

Some people come up and talk to me since they recognize my modeling, but none of them know my story or what i'm like so I feel like they just want a picture cause they think I'm pretty.

Niall is on his third basket of chicken, while I'm only half way threw my first.

"Finish it." Greg tries to whisper.

"Why do you always tell her to eat?" Niall ask the question I was fearing.

Well this can't end well.

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