You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


36. Chapter 36

The whole wedding was amazing. Something about your best friends getting married adds to the whole experience. I didn't like standing up while the minister talked for over an hour though. Niall kept making funny faces at me and i tried so hard not to giggle too loud.

Right now everyone just got done with eating and telling story's and it was finally time to dance! Niall held out his hand and i gladly accepted it. 

Everything was going fine until the devil showed up again. I somehow didn't notice her throughout the whole wedding. She went up behind Niall and tapped his shoulder.

"May i steal him from you?" She try's to sound sweet.

She answers her own question by trying to pull him away but he shakes her off.

"No." He orders. Go Niall!

"You have to." She says through her fake smile.

"I don't have to do anything." He sounds like a little kid, but he's right.

"Well we have to kiss." She folds her arms across her chest.

"There are no paps." He states the obvious. Greg hired extra security when he found out what managements plan was.

"I could call modest and see what they think." She try's to out sass him. She obviously does not know him well enough to know that it wont end well for her. No one out sasses the Nialler, not even me.

"Does it look like i give a fuck? Cause i don't. Just get your bitchy ass out of here, you weren't invited."

Apparently she doesn't like to be humiliate so she ran out as fast as she could, nearly tripping over a chair in the process.

"Now where were we?" He turns back to me like nothing happened.

I start laughing and put my head on his shoulder as we swayed to the beat.

"You know your going to get in trouble right?" I mumble.


"And you don't care?" I ask.

"Not if it's for the most beautiful girl in the world." I blush. "Let's not worry about this right now. Just enjoy the rest of the night."

And that's exactly what we did. It was honestly one of the most perfect nights, spend with the most perfect boy.

We didn't have worry about the past, present, or future. We just lived in the moment, how life is suppose to be lived.

We said our goodbyes to Denise and Greg for a month since their flight took off in a couple hours to Jamaica.

We got our own hotel room. Mostly because the parents were too drunk to interject.

That night i gave up my virginity and i don't want it back. It was beyond perfect. I am so glad i'm with Niall and how perfect we are for each other. I have no idea whats going to happen next and frankly i don't care.

I went to sleep happier then i ever have been in my whole life.


I woke up to the smell of steamy breakfast coming from down the hall. i looked down to see i was only in my bra and panties since we didn't bring a change of clothes.

I see Niall organizing some food on the table in only his boxers. I went up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Well look who is the sleepy head! I went down and brought the breakfast to us."

"In your boxers?" I gave him a look.

"I wore the robe silly."

"Why are you up so early anyway?"

"I'll explain later, sit down." He pulls out a chair for me.

"I feel weird being in my undergarments."

"You look hot." He winks. "Plus i have seen you in less."

"Do you regret it?"

"Not one bit. Are you doing okay?"

"A little sore but i'm fine. So why are you up before me?"

"I had a meeting, over the phone with the boys and management."

"And?" I nod for him to continue as i bite into the delicious waffles.

"Okay so heres the thing. We have to finish the tour. Just a couple more shows in France and Japan, a month tops. Then were done."



"You can't quit One Direction!" I almost scream.

"Babe, it was unanimous. All the boys want it to be done. The fame, pressure, work, and especially modest telling us how to live our life, it's all too much."

"And their okay with the billion dollar boy band ending?"

"They don't have much of a choice." He shrugs.

I guess he's right if all of them don't want to do it.

"I can't believe it's over." I shake my head.

"Hey, it's fine! Louis is moving back to Doncaster to play on the derby team and he finally gets to dump Eleanor. Liam is going to college in New York because of their amazing education. Zayn is moving with Peri to Italy so they can both live normal life's and he is going to open a art studio. And Harry is moving to LA to 'get back his teen years' as he says."

"And you?"

"I was thinking about staying here, waiting for my girl to finish High School. I know she wont want to go to college. Then we would move into our own house somewhere. Probably far away from our parents but close enough so we can visit. Then i would follow her around while she models and we would have the time of our life's travailing around the world."

I try not to tear up as he explains exactly what i want to do.

"Then after a while we would settle down, have a few kids. I know she wouldn't want to work so i would open a guitar shop, give lessons and stuff. Will grow old, watch our kids grow up and have their own kids. It will be the most perfect life with the most perfect girl."

"Niall." I feel the tears slide down my cheeks as i go around and sit on his lap. "Oh you thought i was talking about you? No i was talking about me and Barbara." He teases and i playfully slap him.

"What about James, Greg, Denise, Sam, Macy, and the boys?"

"Will fly to them. Or they will come to us. It will all be okay will be with our family and friends."

"Do you think will have enough money?"

"Will have more the enough darling. With both of our salaries we could buy an island." He jokes.

"Will you do it Brooke? Will you spend the rest of your life with me?"

"Niall. I would be more then happy to grow old with you."

Normally couples take steps at a time, not thinking to far ahead. But were not like most couples. Our love is different, complicated, and i wouldn't want it any other way.

Sure, there will be obstacles in the way, problems will have to solve. But will do it, together. I wouldn't want anyone else right by my side as we live this crazy roller coaster called life.

He changed me. For the worst, then for the better. I like to think i changed him too. We help each other become better people, and i think that's the real definition of true love.




don't freak out! i have a lot to tell you so i need each and every one of you to read this.

first off i'm sorry it took so long to update and its short, blah blah blah what else is new? I truly just didn't want to end as much as you guys but i just felt like it needed to.

When i first started this, i planed on it to be longer but it kinda worked out like this so hope you guys are happy with the ending. I was going to do an epilogue but they just said whats going to happen when they talked so not much more to say. I know the ending was really cheesy but you gotta admit it was cute!

I want to thank all of you for being the best readers ever! I honestly didn't think this would get anywhere near as popular as it is so thanks each and everyone one of you! You have encouraged me and i have became better as the story went on.

Sorry there wasn't any smut in this but hey they had sex! One of the reasons i dont write that is cause my friends from school read this (hey Maya, Kylie, Chelsea, Kendall, Bhumi, Cate, Hannah, Maria and Kylee! 😘) so that would be awkward and also cause i haven't even had my first kiss or a boyfriend so... 😳

Guess what!? I AM STARTING A NEW FANFICTION! so be on the look out for that! I will probably update this when i post it. I haven't 100% decided it yet, but i'm pretty sure its going to be called Troubled and its a Harry one! It might be a while tell i post it cause the first chapter needs to be perfect so peps will keep reading.

Off topic i have softball tryouts in like a hour, thats why i posted this so early. I sucked at warmups yesterday so if you guys could send me encouragement that would be great!

If you guys have any questions or comments to me or favorite parts? say it here on the side and i will respond to all!

I dont know what else to say besides thanks for being the best fans in the world! As a goodbye to this fanfic want to get it to 1k votes!?

i love you guys so much and hope you will read my next one and keep being sexy.


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