You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


35. Chapter 35

I woke up to my alarm blaring through my room and tried to take my time while getting ready. I couldn't help it but the thoughts from last night were still haunting me. I knew my life would change with in a matter of hours and there was nothing i could do about it.

I just took a shower and put on some sweats. Apparently one direction stylist, Lou is coming in to do our hair and makeup. I grabbed the dress from my closet and went downstairs. All the parents were there, looking as excited as ever.

I grabbed my parents car keys from the counter and was about to leave before Maura suggested i should have some breakfast. I fake smiled at her before grabbing an apple and crossing the street. When i got outside i sneakily threw it in the garbage.

When i walked into the Horan house i almost got knocked over by Greg who kept on pacing around the room. He had this crazy idea that Denise was going to leave him after almost three years of being together. I laughed at the obviously guy. I still don't understand how he can not see the stable, perfect relationship he has right in front of him. Something i could only dream of. But after a couple minutes of smacking his crazy ass back into shape, he was head over heels again and couldn't keep the stupid smirk off his face.

Niall stood up from the couch and tried to stop me before i left but i just turned my head quickly and sprinted to the car. I sat in there for a while, trying to get our previous interaction out of my head. I'm suppose to be moving forward, not taking steps back.


The hotel was pretty far, but fairly close to the church the wedding will be held at. When i got to the correct room, it looked like a barbie doll threw up in here. Everything was all over the floor and everyone was running around with makeup and sprays, it was crazy. I found Denise who was getting her hair in an elegant up do by a very pretty, skinny lady with faded purple crimped locks. She looked a little younger then her.

"Done." She said while turning around. "Oh hello! You must be Brooke." She smirks at me.

"You know me?" I asked shock.

"I'm Lou, and course i do. Niall wont shut up about you! Even prettier then he says." She nudges me and i try not to blush.

"He's with Barbara." I say more to myself then her.

"Oh please." She rolls her eyes.

"You know?"

"What do you think we talk about all the time?" She laughs. "I know management and i know the boys. They make them do silly things that are out of their control. And i could tell you, that boy likes you a lot more then you think."

I just nod, trying to soak it all in. Debating whether or not to believe her.

"I know you are still a little iffy. Why don't you come with me to help them get ready?" She suggest.

"I'm not even ready." I shrug.

"Well will have to change that."


Less then an hour later, my make up and hair was done to perfection. I couldn't stop looking at myself and for the first time in a while, i actually felt good.

Once Lou was finished with me, we said our goodbyes and headed to the church. On the way there, she was telling me about her life and i said a few things about mine. She even showed me pictures of her little girl Lux, who had to be one of the cutest babies i have ever seen.

Once we got to the enormous church, we headed up a flight of stairs to the top of the building. When we got in, Greg, Niall, and James were the only ones still in sweats.

"You are getting married in a couple hours!" Lou almost screams.

She starts with Niall since Greg is talking to his other grooms men. They were all dressed, i bet their wife's got them ready.

"Who are you?" She asks James while putting some powder thing on Niall's face.

"Sorry, that's my brother." I roll my eyes at him.

"I'm not putting on makeup." James crosses his arms.

"It doesn't feel like anything man. Can't even notice." Niall try's to persuade him.

"It's to cover up your blemishes, which you obviously need." I joke and everyone in the room laughs.

"Then you better put some more on too." He says and everyone laughs harder.

I just glare at him and try to hide my smirk.

"I think you look good Brooke." Niall try's to smile at me but i just look away.

Everyone gets pretty awkward after that. I don't really know how Greg and James stand on our relationship. He cheated, but he really didn't, but he lied. The whole thing is messed up. I don't even know why i came, i just knew i would rather be here then that room of crazy hormonal woman.

I sit on a chair and play on my phone in the mean time. I want to help but Greg is to jitter right now for anyone to do anything with him and i know James would never let me near his hair.

Niall and Lou are fairly close to me and i can't help but eavesdrop.

"They called. I have to kiss her."

"Barbara?" Lou gasped.

"Yeah. I don't know what to do. I tried reasoning with them so many times, nothing."

"I know how they can be love, it's terrible what they do." She said while rubbing gel through his hair.

"I just ruin everything." He try's to lean down but she smacks him and he's up in an instant.

"She's an amazing girl. This may be hard to deal with for both of you, but love concurs all. I know you will make the right decision in the end." She looks over at me and i know she knew i was listening, must be a girl thing. She gave me a 'i told you' look and i could tell the last comment was directed at me too.

"Hey Brooke." I shoot my head up to look at her.

"Will you please at least try to get Greg dressed?" She asked.

I nod and go pick up his suit from the chair.

"Hey Greg, follow me." I say and cross the hall.

We enter into another, much smaller room and he closes the door.

"Want to get dressed?" I ask, full of hope.

"I'm just so nervous." He continues to pace.

"So am i." I mumble.

"Why are you nervous?" He stops dead in his tracks. I didn't think he could here me.

"Nothing." I mumble.

"Tell me." His voice hardens and he walks closer.

"It's stupid." I shake my head.

"Now." He glares harder.

"You and Denise are going to leave and i'm going to be by myself again, alone and you guys are going to forget about me and never talk to me again." I almost yell while trying to hold back my tears.

"Honey." He pulls me into a hug.

"I could never forget my best friend. Neither could she. I have known you since the day you were born and you are one of the strongest people i know. Were both very proud of how much you have accomplished and we know you'll go far. Will never forget about you, trust me. Our house is your house and your welcome any time. Just because were getting married won change anything. I love you so much little sister and i couldn't live without you." He kisses the top of my head.

I know he was telling the truth, i was just being too foolish to see it myself. I was silly to even have thoughts like that. I'm just glad i wont be losing my best friends.

"And one day, you will be in my position, getting married like me and i can promise you i will be right by your side no matter what. As long as he's a good guy. Who knows, it could be him." He said after Niall's loud laugh died down from all the way in here. "Do me a favor? Don't be so hard on him. He's a good guy that means well. He is going through a tough time in his life and he doesn't have a say in everything he does. Even though i don't agree with every single choice he has made, i know he is trying to do his best."

I laugh. "Yeah, i'm hard on him." I roll my eyes.

"Hey it's my wedding day, i don't need your sass. I'm just being the best big brother i can be to both of you. Even though you both like each other which is weird but i'll get over it." I laugh at him again before shoving the suit in his face and he finally puts in on.

When we head back into the other room, Lou is doing James hair differently then he normally does.

"This looks so sick!" He yells.

I look over in the corner to see Niall, by himself, looking at the ground. My feet moved before my mind could and in a matter of seconds i had my arms around him.

"What was that for." He chuckled and i could tell he was blushing. Not that my face is looking much different.

"I'm sorry." I say into his chest.

"No it's my-"

"Let me finish." I interrupt him. "I'm sorry for ignoring you and not taking much thought of what your going through. Even though i don't agree with all the ways you have dealt with your problems, i know you are going through a lot. So i'm sorry for just thinking of myself." I hang my head.

"Hey." He pushes my chin up with his fingers. "I'm just as much at fault. Were both trying to figure this out. Let's just take it one step at a time. Together, rather then alone."

I nod as he pushes his forehead against mine. I don't know what's next for us but like he said, one step at a time.



heyyyyyy 😎

this is a tish bit longer then most with larger paragraphs and only 3 days apart form the updates so be happy!

sad news is this will be ending in 2 or 3 chapters with a possible epilog. i just felt like it's getting boring and i have other ideas that will hopefully be better that i will start once i end this one!

Did you guys know Lou actually did Greg and Niall's hair for his wedding? I just think thats supper cute, thats why i had her come!

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