You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


34. Chapter 34


Today is the rehearsal.

Barbara insisted on coming with us. Niall had to remind her many times that the rehearsals are for the people in the wedding. Then she had this crazy idea that she should be a bridesmaid.

"You have known her for a day." Niall snorted.

"Yeah, but me and you are getting pretty serious. I will become part of the family."

This time i had to try to hold back from not bursting out in a laughing fit.

"Barbara, how many times do i have to tell you this is all for show? I have no feelings towards you and i never will! You never have either so just stop. This is strictly business."

"Whatever. You still have to kiss me." She glares at me and sends him a wink before flipping her hair and making a dramatic exist.

"I'm surprised she's not an actress."

I say and Niall nods in agreement.

Thankfully Sam and Macy have answered my calls and helped me through this. They know how much she annoys me and how nervous i am for the wedding but they have calmed me down and gave me more great advise. I'm suppose to just try to ignore her, easier said then done when all i really want to do is slap her. I know i never really would though.

"We need to go get ready." He reminds me and i nod before making my way across the street.

An hour later, record time for me, Greg, Niall, James, and i are in the car. They told me to were a dress and heels to practice for the real thing but i wore a skirt and wedges, close enough.

The whole thing was pretty boring. I just walked up and down the aisles with James a bunch of times. I complained so much having to be with him since he kept tripping me and i am scared he will do it during the real thing.

The reception place was amazing. It had a huge dance floor with several of tables on the side and beautiful chandler that added to the fairy tail of the whole thing.

The whole night consisted of joking around with all the friends and family. Luckily i knew most of the people there and hopefully tomorrow will be the same.

Before i got back in Greg's car, Denise called me over and handed me my bridesmaid dress in the plastic rap from her car. We said our goodbyes since their doing that whole not seeing the bride the day before thing and i promised to be at her sisters hotel at 12.

I got in the back with Niall and put the dress on my lap.

"I thought you guys got your dresses a week or two ago?" Greg asks.

"We did. I just had to get mine... adjusted." I try to end the conversation.

"How so?" Niall questions.

I know they know i had to get it tightened around most parts of my body from my eating habits lately.

"Could we not right now." I direct my gaze to James who is thankfully on his phone.

Greg rolls his eyes and Niall still stairs at me. I start to get uncomfortable since were almost home and he has still not stopped.

"What?" I finally say to him.

He just looks back down at his hands and doesn't respond.

"Where are you going?" Greg asks as they all look at me weird.

"To my bed." I say in an obvious tone as i start to cross the street.

"Sassy." I here James mutter as i near the end of the driveway.

It was unusual for me not to sleep at the same house as them, we have been for their whole trip. I just want to be alone right now.

I need to get happy and be ready for the wedding tomorrow. My best friends are getting married! I was really existed until now.

Their moving in together, alone. They are going to start a family, alone. I'm not going to be apart of their life anymore. I'm going to be all alone, again.



sorry this is soo short!!! i just wanted to have the wedding on its own chapter! i promise it will be up, the latest Tuesday

So i have been thinking at i have decided to end this book soon! Its just getting boring for me to write and i can even imagine how it is for you guys! Thank you for sticking with me and i promise to make the last couple chapters fun!

I will thought be starting a new book or two after that will hopefully be better so look out for those! 

I love you guys so much and im sorry again for the long wait and short chapter :(


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