You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


32. Chapter 32

"What?" I grid my teeth while trying not to scream, knowing they will want something.

"Well hello to you too." One of the guys from modest, Paul i think. When i don't respond he speaks again. "So i heard Greg is getting married."

"What do you want?" I ask, knowing theres a catch.

"Barbara is come." He bluntly says.

"No way. Appsolultly not. No."

"What, you have a date?" He teases.

"Acutely yes." I partly lie. I could ask Brooke, i mean were dating... i think.

"The girl that i wanted to date in the first place, not this skank." Barbara is actually not that bad, i would just much rather be with Brooke.

"The girl that isn't famous and is in school?" He asks but i know he knows the answer. "See Niall you don't have a choice, you need to be with her. Everyone will think your a player if you keep switching girls. Barbara is perfect right now so she will go."

"You can't just invite people to my brothers wedding!" I say a little to loud. "Wait. Paps wont be there so why does it matter?"

"Plus one. And everyone already knows where and when it's happening, no doubt a bunch of the paps and fans are already planning on going. The church released the information to get publicity." Greg is going to be pissed.

"I don't want to." I whine.

"You have to. That girl is still in high school, get over it. Plus we already started this thing with Barbara, you don't want to seem like Harry."

"So i don't have a choice?"

"We already got a plane ticket. She will be staying over for two nights."

"Whoa whoa whoa. She's staying with me?"

"Yeah. there are no hotels near where you live."

"Okay." I shake my head, knowing this wont end well.

"One more thing."

"Hum?" I respond while rubbing my fingers through my hair.

"I want you to finally kiss her." Before i could respond, the line went dead.

This will most certainly not end well.


It's been a week since i got the call. I have not brought it up to anyone since i just wanted to relax without drama for the first time in a couple months.

Me and Brooke luckily spent it together like old times, i'm so glad she had school off. She was suppose to be helping Greg and Denise with the last minuet wedding stuff but they didn't seem to mind. James was mostly practicing football since he really wanted to play his first year in college.

I know Brooke is going to be most hurt when Barbara comes, i really should have told them. But Brooke was barely eating the first couple days and now is getting back on track, thanks to me. See, i can take care of her!

Right now though, i am on my way to pick up Barbara from the airport. It's 10am on Friday, tonight is the rehearsal and tomorrow is the wedding.

As i finally pull into the packed place, bright flashing lights blind me momentarily. I pull the car to the side and wait a couple minuets. When she doesn't show after countless text i decide to go find her myself.

When i walk in i go to the closest luggage place. I then felt stupid for not wearing sunglasses or anything when i saw the flashing lights. Then i released management probably arranged this and told her to stay here to cause more of a scene.

When she made eye contact with me she got a big smile on her face and started jogging to me while wheeling her luggage. She soon dropped her luggage and jumped in my arms, making me tumblr back slightly as i almost lost my balance.

"Hey, i have missed you." She still has this huge smile on her face.

"Yeah let's go." I smile back at her so the pictures the paps are taking don't make me look like an arse.

She takes my hand in hers and i do everything i can to not yank it out. We finally get through the loads of fans and to the car. I see there are still paps outside so i keep my smile, put her luggage in the trunk, and open the door for her. After were out of sight i drop my fake smile and take a deep breath.

"Hi!" She said, still with that huge smile i want to wipe off of her.

"Hey." I say flatly.

"How have you been?" Her think English accident is no where near Brooke's beautiful mixed one.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" I ask, starting to get a little creeped out by the smile.

"I have never been here and haven't met your family before."

I remember i had to act like her boyfriend to her parents one night since their always yelling at her for being to wild and traveling everywhere.

"About that. You see i live across the street from my best friend and his little sister. Our family's are really close and we grew up together. Me and her have sorta started dating so they know were fake and not to found of you for making her upset." I didn't really know how to end it on a good note.

"I thought we were a little more." She says while trailing her fingers up my leg as i reach a red light.

"I haven't even kissed you." I mutter as i move her hand away and curse at my willy.

"That's going to change." She cross her arms over her big bust.

"I'm not kissing you."

"You have to. Or they will make us turn into Louis and Eleanor."

It was true. There were so many rumors about Louis going around so they made him start seeing Eleanor. He didn't give it much thought until rumors kept coming and he wasn't getting that close with her. Now their in this long relationship they both want out of.

She smile in satisfaction when she knows she's right. Barbara kept trying to talk through out the ride but i just keep turning up the volume on the radio.

We finally arrived and i pull into my house, guessing everyone is there for breakfast.

"Aren't you going to help me with my bag?" She whines as she opens the trunk.

"No." There are no paps around, why the fuck would i help her? "By the way, i didn't tell them you were coming."

I say as i make my way to the front door. I take my time taking off my shoes so we will walk in at the same time. She finally comes inside and i put her luggage, which may i add is way too much for two nights by the stairs as we head to the kitchen.

"Where were you?" Mum asked as i walk in a step ahead of Barbara.

I lock my eyes on Brooke who was looking at her plate until she noticed i was home. She was about to smile until she looked at something behind me.

"Everyone, this is Barbara." She hooks arm with mine, for god knows what reason since i told her that they know were not together.

"Nice to meet you." She has that same huge smile on her face.

I look around and most people are in shock. Denise and the moms look disappointed while Greg, yet again looks like he is going to hurt me. I look back at Brooke and i see she is standing up while the look on her face almost brings me to tears.


"Stop bro. That's enough." James surprises me by saying.

His face is starting to match Greg's and it's scaring me a lot. What have i done?



Hoot. Hoot.

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