You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


30. Chapter 30

Two months. Two months since summer ended. One of the best i have had in a while. Not so great any more.

Greg and Denise finally moved but not too far at all. It's late October and their getting married in about a week, i can't wait. Her bump is becoming more noticeable. She said she didn't care about having her wedding with it though. All of the bridesmaids and groomsman are in town, excepted for one.

James moved too. But like Greg and Denise, not far at all. He is in some frat house near the collage, some things never change. He still decided to go to the collage and play football for the one Greg assistant coaches, even after all our parents nagging to go outside his comfort zone. I personally think he's just afraid to be too far from home. Woos.

Sam is doing good, at least that's what he tells me. He came at the end of the summer once but that's the only time i have seen him since. We text almost everyday though, which is more then i can say about some people.

I have even seen Macy about three times. She always comes to me since she gets sick of her small town. We text a bunch too and we talk on the phone a lot, she is always there for me and nowadays, i feel like she's the only one who cares.

I started school, i'm officially a junior. I kinda just stay out of everything and just do my own thing. It's suppose to be the hardest year. Just add that to the pile of shit that's going on in my life.

I ate quite a bit in the summer. I'm serious, i probably could have passed for a normal teen. No one has noticed since it started recently but lately i haven't been having a big appetite. I have a hunch why.

I have been taking a slight brake from modeling. I just did one for a costume shop but that was my first one in about three months. I didn't do any the rest of the summer because of Niall.


The rest of the summer was great with him, we literally spent everyday together. But he was really only home for little more the two months total and we were only dating for half that time.

He left towards the end of August to go back to work, i haven't seen him since. I know i may sound like the annoying girl but i haven't seen my boyfriend for two months.

I know he's at work and touring but shouldn't he at least try to contact me? I get if he misses a day, that's cool. Two? Fine! But a week? Yeah, i get a response from him once a week, if i'm lucky. It's never a call so i can here his voice though, no he never answers those. Whenever we do text, he always tells me that he's fine and just busy. His confidence and trust reassures me after that and i just sit around, waiting for the next response to one out of hundreds missed calls and texts.

Right now me, James, Greg, and Denise are just hanging out, waiting for dinner to be ready.

"I missed you guys." I say.

They all awww at me.

"It's just boring, being here alone."

It's friday, their getting married exactly a week from tomorrow. Then five days later is Halloween! They are having a small wedding at the local church so they're staying at the house tell then.

I get to take the whole week off of school to help them with it. I'm ahead in most of my classes and all the teachers already gave me the lessons. My dad said i could probably take the short week we haver during halloween off too!

Maura and my mom call us to come eat, the dads coming stomping in from the backyard too and all eight of us gather around the table. It was some chicken stir fry thing, it looks edible so i'm guessing Maura made it.

Everyone starts making small talk and i just zone out. I eat a piece of chicken and most of the little vegetables. I finish my glass of water and get up to empty my plate.

"You don't want any more?" Greg whispers in my ear as he gets seconds.

I shake my head and dump the rest of my plate on his so it doesn't go to waist.

"Brooke." He warns but i walk away before he can continue.

I go into the living room to watch TV as the rest of them finish eating.

Some show about a bunch of crazy teenagers is playing. I'm laughing at how stupid they are as everyone els walks into the room. The parents sit on the chairs and the rest of us squeeze on the couch.

"What's so funny?" Denise asks.

"Oh some show abo-" i turn my attention back on the screen, but it's on a commercial. "Must of ended." I shrug.

Everyone is now on their phones or carrying on conversations with each other.

The new show is now talking about celebrity drama that they will be talking about later on in the episode. No one is paying attention until the host says...

"But first, One Directions Niall Horan is spotted with a new girl! Barbara Palvin to be exact."

Up on the screen comes a beautiful model.

"Now i don't know about you guys, but i like her. She's not some model with bones sticking out that has to throw up to be skinny. Just look at how cute they are."

Now on the screen is several pictures of them. Together. Different occasions. Looking perfect.

I honestly don't know what i'm more mad about. That he lied and cheated, or that he did it with her. She was perfect. I know i used to not think perfection existed but i do now. She's not only pretty, but she has curves with big boobs and bum.

She's not a stick like me, she is nothing like me. She is a thousand times better. At this point i can't be mad, i'm more sad. Deep down, i always knew i would never be good enough for anyone.

I feel like the lady was talking right to me. Saying she doesn't like skinny models, basically saying that their perfect together. But i know she wasn't talking to me, no one knew about us and i didn't care about that, until now. They knew i was friends with them but not that we are together, or were i guess.

It's not that surprising that no one knew since we never went out in public much. He never talked about it either.

Now i'm just wondering how i never knew about them. Surely the fans would know and be tweeting about her.

The news lady answers my question by saying they were spotted together a few times before but no one thought much of it, but now they have loads more pics.

When they moved on to the next story, everyone was looking at me.

"I didn't know you guys broke up." My dad says.

"Yeah." Bob and James agree.

"You guys are so oblivious sometimes." Maura shakes her head. "Brooke, i'm so sor-"

"I'm fine." I nod, my face probably looks like a saw a ghost.

If you think about it, this is really awkward. I'm in the same room with my family and the family who's son cheated on me. We also just found out at the same time, from the TV.

Everyone is still looking at me and i take the time to see their facial expressions.

Confusion, realization, and pity. Greg just looks like he's about to ruin everything in sight. The heat is rushing to his cheeks and i swear he's going to explode.

I was about to reassure him before the sound of the front door got our attention...

"I'm home!"



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