You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


28. Chapter 28

I woke up before Niall... again. I decided to let him sleep since i needed to rest too. My flight is at three and when i get there it will be night time and i'll probably not be able to sleep.

I still can't believe i let him see me like this. I have never let even my past crushes or boyfriends, barely my family see me like that. He just makes me feel comfortable. Hopefully he doesn't do anything to change that.

Three hours later everyone is up and were all packed. It's time to say goodbye and i can honestly say i'm going to miss these guys, but i have a feeling our paths will cross again sometime.

Louis, Liam and Zayn all give me a big hug, tell me to text them, and that they will see me soon.

Harry and i do an awkward half hug-handshake thing, i'm pretty sure everyone knew something was up. I will miss him the least, if at all. But the boys are planning to have some talks and try to get him to change his ways with girls all week so maybe he will change. I dont think i could ever like him like that again, but maybe, possible we could be friends.

Niall gives me a tight hugs and whispers to text him everyday. I dont know if i will keep that promise, i need time to think and clear my head, but i just nod anyway to calm his nerves.

I push him off me slightly so no one will suspect anything. I just don't want our 'trying to be together' thing to go bad and have everyone els be awkward around us. I feel like if we try and it doesn't work out right a way, we could pull it off like nothing happened.

I really don't want to lose him as a friend, but i dont think that will happen, at least hopefully not. He makes me feel different then everyone els in the world. I can't explain it yet, but hopefully i can one day with the person i fall for, whether it's Niall or not.

After our long goodbyes, were finally off the the airport for the week. To America. The home of the brave. The land of opportunity. And the place filled with smoken guys.


The week went by fast. Way too fast.

The US is filled with things to do, places to see, and stuff to eat. Yes, believe it or not i actually ate a decent amount. Just looking at all the different foods everyone was eating made me want to try everything. I left my pills at home, so i threw up twice, but it wasn't that bad. I think i would have to partial credit for mine wanting to eat a lot to Macy.

On the flight there i sat next to a girl named Macy. She just turned 15, had short bright blonde hair, and happen to be a big One Direction fan. She knew who i was as soon as i got on the plane. To my surprise, she also knew who Greg and James were and chatted with them a bit from across the aisle.

I texted Niall and told him about her, him and the rest of the boys followed her on twitter. I was asked several times by flight attendants if she was okay after that and i swear she was going to faint. When her breathing got back to normal, she asked me about them. I basically just relived the whole week for her, leaving out the Harry part and me and Niall's conversation.

She could tell i was getting bored, so we talked about other things. I told her about modeling and she thought it was the coolest thing ever, even after i was trying to explain it wasn't. She saw the twitcam and knew about the hate. She gave he such good advise and motivation i wanted to start crying.

I learned her parents are divorced and shes visiting her Dad in California, small world. She wants to be an actress and doesn't have a lot of friends, but a few. We also found out we only live a little less then two hours from each other back in Ireland. She is always positive and smiling, but not in the obnoxious way, she can even be funny and sassy. Macy did not only help me with personal issues, but showed me i can make friends, my age, that are girls.

We met up to eat once before i left, her dads house was close to my hotel. She was staying for another week or so since she doesn't see her dad much. I hope i will see her soon.

Sam was great. I am happy he moved here, he seems happier with all his friends. His mom was very nice and reminded me a lot of him. I wish i could have seen her more, but since James and Greg were with me we couldn't all stay the whole week, but i did two nights since it was late.

I didn't see James and Greg much during the trips, mostly at night. But i know they had a lot of fun by the several crazy story's i would here when thru got back. Our hotel was so fancy, payed for by the modeling gig. I was mostly posing for the camera and hanging with Sam and his friends all week. It was a much needed vacation just to relax.


The week went by slow. Way too slow.

But it helped, i truly think Harry was changing. I think he just needed to talk to someone about it and for us to give him advise. I dont really know, i was not much help since i wasn't playing attention much. I couldn't get over what he did to Brooke, but i didn't say anything about it since i could tell by his pleading eyes he didn't want the rest of the boys to know. I'm trying to forgive him and to just go back to the way we were, it may take sometime but we can get there, we need to get there.

I think now were all just trying to forgive and forget, acting like nothing happened. I just dropped them off at the airport, it was 9am on a Sunday and i need to get the house clean before everyone starts getting back from their flights. Brooke, Greg, and James are suppose to get back at 11am and our parents are suppose to get back at 5pm.

I have missed Brooke so much this week. I just needed someone to talk to, and i have no idea what were going to do when everyone is back home. We can't just flirt around with each other, not yet anyway. I think she is right to wait, to make sure it will work out, but truthfully i just want to make her mine.

I start cleaning when i get back and an hour flew by. When i was picking up some trash from the floor, i heard the front door open. I start freaking out, but calm down when i see James sleepy face.

"What are you guys doing back early?" I say as soon as i see the three tan ass lucky bastards.

"Our flight was early, we got a taxi since you weren't answering your phone." Brooke informs me.

I dont know if it was the sun from America or because i haven't seen here in a week, but i swear she got more beautiful.

"Sorry i was cleaning, my phones upstairs." I mumble, not taking my eyes off of her.

"Why didn't you wait for us?" Greg asks.

"Because we made a huge mess, trust me theres a lot more to do. Parents aren't getting in tell dinner so lets get started!" I say and we all start getting to work.

It took three hours, but both houses were spic and span. I think the parents might get concerned why it was cleaner then when they left. They should be home any minuet.

I have been trying to get alone time with Brooke but James keeps talking and wanting to play video games, and Greg keeps taking her to talk about stuff. I dont even know, but what i do know is that i want to be alone with her. But just as i was calling her name, the parents walk in.

They didn't noticed anything, and i'm pretty sure they didn't suspect anything either. After a while ok talking and relaxing we all ate dinner.

I was watching Brooke and silently praised her for the amount she ate. I want to ask her about what happened that made her eat, and about her trip. I don think i will get that tonight though.

She was busy catching up with everyone and i was just tired. I told everyone i was going to bed and made my way across the street. Once i was finally in bed i was out like a light, dreaming of the only girl on my mind.

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